Adam’s Magic Birthday Dream with Oprah

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  1. Alysia Nealon
    Alysia Nealon says:

    OMG! Adam is adorable! I loved your video – thank you, Martha. So glad you had such an amazing time — love & hugs from one of your cadets. xxxooo

  2. Jen Pomo
    Jen Pomo says:

    Wonderful! Thank You! Dreaming Rocks! Adam, dreams are what lead me to your mama and becoming a coach. I dreamed I bought a toaster last night. It’s about time, I haven’t had one in two years. XOXOX!

  3. Robin Green Tilly
    Robin Green Tilly says:

    It was a powerful priviledge to share in the joy of Adam’s birthday this weekend. You made my mother-heart sing and cry with joy. To hear about your determination to follow the knowing inside of all the unknown left a new groove in my inner being. Elephant herds that heard what we forget, that all creatures are precious. A flower from a little boy who already knew what we all so easily forget, that we need to really hear when we are here, and everyone wants to be heard. This is the thirsty human heart, to simply love and be loved.

    Bringing Adam, your handsome guy,on stage so we could all clap and cheer, join in the celebration of a life that touches people he will never know, well that was a gift from you and Adam to each of us. Thank you.

    After the talk, I sat trying to compose myself, to absorb the chord you had struck in me when the woman in front of me asked about my necklace, a glass piece I had made.

    We began to talk, because you had opened the doors to our hearts, we were instantly friends. I learned that she and her seven friends came from Uganda. Each woman a professional, and she the FIRST orthodontist in her country. She shared her life story. A mothers story of courage and grace. Both parents lives were taken by the violent regime of Idi Amin. First her father, then her mother. A mother that insisted over and again that her eight children must seek education because “they can’t take what is between your ears unless they cut off your head.” Thirty nine years ago they took her mothers life, but every single one of those children achieved at the very least an undergraduate degree, if not higher.

    For Adam’s birthday, you produced a new life of hope inside so many of us. I’m so glad to see his dreams came true and that glass of champagne is full! I know I’m raising my glass to you both in gratitude.

  4. Linette Kuonqui
    Linette Kuonqui says:

    Thanks for not only giving us an amazing/inspirational seminar at the Jacob Javitz Center, but also for sharing your wonderful ADAM with us. May God bless you both Always !!! From me, one of your biggest fans…

  5. HadleyCoaches
    HadleyCoaches says:

    Oh my gosh, Adam is such a hunk! That was wonderful. I even got a little teary. Mostly because you didn’t let us see more of those FABulous flowers and table settings, but still.

  6. Teri
    Teri says:

    I felt compelled to go into your seminar (I was scheduled to see Peter Walsh) and sometimes things just happen for a reason. When I sat down and started listening, I cried. Cried through most of it by the way. And you bringing Adam out at the end caused most of the audience to smile through tears. I’m so glad you posted this in your blog and am now a fan of yours, and of course, Adam’s. The stories you told about Adam’s birth, being in South Africa and Adam and the trip to the candy store made me realize there is a much bigger picture than the small world I live in. And I thank you and Adam for that.

  7. Diane Reece
    Diane Reece says:

    I love the video:) Adam was so happy to share his experience with all of us at school. We even got to see the cool silver lanyard with his VIP tickets:):) Thanks for sharing the video Martha, but most of all…Thanks for sharing Adam with us every day:)

  8. Peter Walsh
    Peter Walsh says:

    So wonderful to see you again in NY Martha and even more wonderful to meet Adam and see his joy at being involved in the whole event and his obvious love for you. As always – you rock!

  9. Cari Bushinski
    Cari Bushinski says:

    Speaking of dreams… You mentioned in the current issue of O magazine that you have had a recurring dream in which you can move objects without touching them…
    Well, I think that your dream is actually a reality. You have moved me and thousands of other people around this country (and world) with your amazing articles, books and stories really without ever meeting us or physically touching us. I have grown so much as a person from you over the years. Thank you and thank you for Adam. ( One of my favorite inspirational books of all time is Expecting Adam) You are an angel on earth. Don’t stop sharing yourself with us!

  10. FromNancysHeart
    FromNancysHeart says:

    Hey there Martha & Adam!
    Just wanted to say Happy Bday to Adam~ not too sure if it was the 9th or 8th of may but if it was the 8th then dude we share a bday and I think that’s really terrific!!!
    I spent my weekend getting laminate installed at my house so I’m so glad one of use had a super terrific time with a touch of alcohol!! 😀

    Oh and I just read the post prior to this and after reading the most recent article in O, Martha, I was crying~ because I couldn’t think of anything to place on my board!! Not too sure if it was a bit of peri menopause confusion; however, thanks so much for the article ~ it has me thinking and that’s a good thing!! Oh wait that’s Martha Stewart!
    Wonderful video streaming ~ love it lots!!

  11. Tiffany Nightingale
    Tiffany Nightingale says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this Martha – tears well as my soul exhales with recognition – it is difficult to express how meaningful it was for me to meet Adam through this video. Thank you. (and happy birthday Adam. Sending birthday hugs from New Zealand!)

  12. Jeanine B.
    Jeanine B. says:

    Awww… your boy is adorable. I’ve been wondering what he looks like now, after having read your book about having him years ago. Such a sweetheart. I follow your articles in O Magazine, and continue to enjoy your passion, joy, and relatable outlook on life. Thanks!

  13. Melody Burnette
    Melody Burnette says:

    I wish I could dance like that! Thanks for sharing Adam with us. Every time I see his face I smile till my cheeks hurt. So beautiful. So honest. So loving. I tear up just thinking about it.

  14. debbie marchewka
    debbie marchewka says:

    I just finished reading the book “Expecting Adam” for the 3rd time and each time I finish I am awestruck by the message and beauty of the book. Thank-you for allowing us to all share in your treasure of Adam and the wonder of things all around us that are unseen until our eyes and hearts are opened to them……


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