just because it isn't this...

    By and large, things aren’t nearly as bad as we think they are. Our futures aren’t as chancy, our financial survival not as precarious, our detractors not as ferocious as we fear. But sometimes, when we get really stumped,


      we have good reason.

      This has happened to me with vlogs. About a month ago I made a bunch of ‘em, thinking I’d upload them while I was in Africa. I spent many hours—MANY hours—trying. It didn’t work well. I confess that there were moments I believed the entire electrical supply grid of Africa is run by an elderly woman peddling a bicycle treadmill.

      Then I got home, talked to my fabulous media coach, and discovered that I was having trouble uploading because of a glitch in the code that links my whobertube thingamajig to alwaysonwhatchamacallit, or words to that effect.

      The following video, which I taped in Africa, shows my friend Bronwyn and her brother Boyd talking about a woman who had a Justifiable Problem. I hope you enjoy it, and remember that it’s okay to ask for help when you’re stumped, because sometimes you really can’t be expected to handle everything alone.