Mind Over Matter – Literally

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  1. Jim Scheibel
    Jim Scheibel says:

    What a great video, thanks for sharing. It is really interesting to apply what physicists have known for years. The perfect storm of knowledge and technology coming together at once bides well for massive new innovations. Thanks for this…you are the best…


  2. Ana Melikian
    Ana Melikian says:

    Thank you for sharing this demo. I love biofeedback devices, but I didn’t know this one. As I like to say, mind and matter are just 2 aspects of the same reality. It’s like the typical Gestalt image of the 2 faces and the vase- the same image can be seen as two completely different things, yet if you change one you will change the other.
    I love your sense of humor!

  3. Sonja Alarr
    Sonja Alarr says:

    Hi Martha!

    I’ve literally never come to your blog page in all this time…don’t know why, as you know I’m nuts about you–just don’t spend much computer time. For some reason, thought to check this out for the first time TODAY–and here you are with the machine. Hmmm. Magic is always afoot.

    Love and electrons to you–

  4. Cate
    Cate says:

    Thank you for this great video. It’s funny, I was wishing I could see that gadget as I read about it in MYWWNW! (and then felt a sense of pride as you went on to speak of another product which I’ve been using for years, Heart Math :-). Do have a question though, why was it only your left brain which controlled the bobble? I am MUCH more right brain dominant…..when my dad saw my Algebra Regents score he said he knew he had taken the wrong baby home!


  5. Tamara
    Tamara says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Martha. This is a great reminder to be VERY careful of what we are doing with our thoughts. We have SO much more power than we give ourselves credit for, and we impact the people and things around us–for better or for worse.

  6. Mary Woolson
    Mary Woolson says:

    I am an energy medicine practitioner and can tell you from first-hand experience how incredibly powerful our energy centers are. When they are in balance, we have greater immunity and self-healing powers. It’s fun to see the electro-magnetic waves in action with this machine!

  7. Myriam Azpurua
    Myriam Azpurua says:

    Hi Martha, Great you’ve shown this, it’s the visual proof. ..Starting a new toys’ era and who knows what else…! Kind regards from Venezuela.

  8. Jane CR
    Jane CR says:

    Hi Martha,

    I’ve seen you do that before, but it’s now a MB-Classic 😉
    Where can we get that thing (what’s its name?)
    I love your coach4 2day videos, they keep me happy actually, like small dosis of sugar.
    Thanks for all your work, hope to become a MBcoach, just don’t know how to start yet. (living in Denmark)

    Big Hug

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