Coach 4 2day – Relationships That last

  1. Diane
    Diane says:

    Such wonderful wisdom. Love may start on the romantic level but if it’s allowed to blossom into its loveliest form, it will become as you describe – a walk together – on so many deeper levels than it began. Thanks Martha! ^_^

  2. rebecca @ altared spaces
    rebecca @ altared spaces says:

    My role has changed significantly since I got married. I am completely embarrassed to admit I was wrapped up in the idea I needed to keep cooking. I loved cooking for a long time. But then I changed. For years it’s how I expressed love. But then I changed. I don’t like to cook any more. I was terrified to say, “I don’t want to cook any more.” It felt like saying, “I don’t love you any more.”

    Guess what? My husband is cooking up a storm. I feel fed. He’s having an adventure. We still love each other.

    Minor miracle.

  3. Carmen
    Carmen says:

    Wow! I love it.

    The ‘pretend’ thing is one of the most painful things to witness in a relationship. I’m sharing this video.

  4. John Stamper
    John Stamper says:

    I came to this website having recently purchased F Y O North Star, by Ms. Beck.
    I have described myself and some have described me, as a pilgrim in life. In the last 2 weeks I have resigned two part-time jobs (in a recession…am I crazy?) and am preparing to move west from Virginia into the Rockies. I have no job prospects and no firm destination. What I do have is belief in my intuition and ability to find a location and relationship that ‘feels right.’
    What has felt right to me for over 30 years about relationships with women, is a reflection of my philosophy of life. When asked, I suggest that my religion is loose amalgamation of Tao, Zen and Tantra (Hindu.)
    For years I was concerned about the dishonoring of the female in our culture and found excellent advice of the proper treatment of females (of all ages) in the words of the Buddha and in the Bible (1st. Timothy.) Years ago I also read a quotation from a Chinese wise man who said, “The common man wants to have sex the same way with 1000 women but the enlightened man strives to has sex with one woman 1000 ways.”
    I have been very fortunate to have three soul-expanding relationships during my ‘adult’ years and if another develops, WOW, icing on the cake of life!
    Occasionally I reread Aphrodite’s Daughter to counter the cultural shift towards increasing misogyny but what I want to contribute to this blog is: Women…don’t sell your soul, let it grow and expand in a respectful and loving relationship, whether with a man or woman. Personal fulfillment, self love and listening to your heart is better than a contrived time period to target. Some of the examples used in Aphrodite’s Daughters found the essence of Tantra lasted for just a few weeks; trust in quality time. There are people in the world that will respect you and truly love you, if you respect yourself and others.
    John Stamper

  5. char vanzant
    char vanzant says:

    What do you do when the person you are with can’t understand that knowing where ” you” come from is not bringing up that past but understanding that Process had to come from the beginning. I want to talk about my process the most with him but he gets upset. That is not my goal. on sept 26 . 13 years and 22 years as people in love. I hope I can grow to be a better best friend.

  6. Tara
    Tara says:

    Martha, i am feeling you as always. The hardest part is when one person admits to the walk and one doesnt. At that point, it feels like a huge runaway dog and its petite human. My fellow and I are getting in sync more and more – my miracle.

  7. Jan
    Jan says:

    Martha, everything you mentioned in this video, for me, was as if you knew exactly what happened to my long term relationship, in Dec. 2010. You see, I thought my partner and I would stay together “forever,” with all the promises of committment and love and the, “whole ball of wax,” I like to say! But after 13 yrs. together, things started changing between us and she was no longer happy to be in the relationship…for me I was quite content and still to this day, love her very much…but with no hope of ever getting back together again! It has taken on such a “huge hit” to my self-esteem, I find it quite difficult to get back into the dating game! It seems to me the one whom gets left suffers more then the one who moves on!? I’ve been struggling with this ever since! You are so right, people change, and without good communication skills (which I feel she lacked) things fall apart! I’m pretty much a communicator, but if someone else isn’t, it simply doesn’t accomplish much!? Thanks for listening! Jan

  8. Shirley Bays
    Shirley Bays says:

    Martha, you are helping me a lot. Thanks for the videos. Don’t feel you have to put on a big smile when you’re finished, though. Your words are enough to make me feel good.