Video Sneak Peek of the New Book!


Here’s a sneak peek of the stuff I’ll be discussing in my new book:  what’s YOUR “call of the wild”?

Finding Your Way in a Wild New World: Reclaim Your True Nature to Create the Life You Want will be released December 27, 2011. Reserve your copy on now. 

  1. Lynden Boehm
    Lynden Boehm says:

    That was really powerful, thank you Martha. The whole animal totem idea has fascinated me for a while, so this is only going to build on that – I am going to order your book!
    Thanks for your wisdom Martha.

  2. Tanaya
    Tanaya says:

    Martha, you speak a language of the soul. Thank you for helping my true self feel it is safe to come out of its hiding place and follow the fascination.

  3. Lorna
    Lorna says:

    You captured my attention again. I have a pomeranian. I’m reading expecting Adam and I can so relate to your trials of morning sickness while you were pregnant. I too had terrible sickness ended up in the hospital twice with ivs – felt like a pin cushion except my veins were very small.

  4. Sidney McGaffigan
    Sidney McGaffigan says:

    Your book comes at a perfect time for me as I try to find the courage to get out of my velvet coffin (my cube) and explore/create my new life. Excited and terrified. Keep your messages coming!

  5. Rosie
    Rosie says:

    I love your books and your articles in O magazine. But I do have a very important question that I wonder if others are asking you as well. Or maybe I’m the only one – I admit I’m kind of unique.

    I was ejected forcibly from my comfortable cubicle work life in early 2008. My former career is suddenly near-obsolete in the United States.

    I have tried and failed at numerous “careers” (low or non-paying jobs, mostly) since then and am still unable to get hired for a steady paycheck of any sort. I suspect that interviewers determine I’m “too wild” or “too smart” or just incompetent due to my not having a currently relevant skill set.

    With limited or non-existent funds (we’re living on “retirement savings”) and at an age over 50, how does one find one’s next career without ending up homeless? I do plan on working at least 20 more years if I can ever get started again. Thanks.

  6. Alanna Prather
    Alanna Prather says:

    Woohoo Martha! I hear ya’! LOVE THIS and feel the call deeply in my bones, the need to discover those fascinating yearnings — a fab way to start a Monday. Thanks for helping me to remember what I was looking for and why, with blessings for everything you so remarkably do! (Now I want a Pomeranian puppy too 🙂 ).

    NB: 7 League Boots is SO much fun!

  7. Linda
    Linda says:

    I cried. You reached me. Dang you’re good.
    I’m glad there are people out there like you to put the dots close enough together that we can ‘get it’.

  8. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    Thank you for this. I am on the precipice of a new phase of life, possibly a new career path, and I really needed this today. 🙂

    I have written about tapping in and “listening to my inner voice,” too, and it DID come after life threw some unexpected things my way:

    I was inspired to write about it after reading other women’s tales of inspiration, including your book “Expecting Adam” which I LOVED and identified with in many, many ways. I have your newest book on my Nook and am excited to read.

    So, again, thank you.

  9. Margarethe Albertyn
    Margarethe Albertyn says:

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at all that I burst into tears watching this video. My whole soul knows this truth. Martha you have been edging me toward my destiny inch by inch for the last few years, and the call of the wild is getting irresistible now. “A true friend knows the song in your heart, and sings it back to you when you have forgotten the words.” You are a true friend to so many of us seekers, and we are so glad you are putting your particular brand of love into the world!

  10. Lea
    Lea says:

    This was awesome. Thank you Thank you Thank you
    I love you.
    Just finished the book and I am still in awe
    and hope to become it, live it, breathe it, smell it, see it and don’t waste another month, year or even decade.


    I cannot wait till I finally sign up for your life coach seminar and come with you to Londolozi and to CA to the horses. It is definitely my calling. That’s for sure

  11. Penny
    Penny says:

    Wow, I have always knows that my calling had to do with animals, but I’ve never cried over a Pomeranian puppy video before….maybe it’s time to trade in the horses…. or not 😉

    I’m working on Wild New World. I’ve loved all of your other books, but resisted ordering this one for quite a while. Once delivered, I resisted reading it – surely that’s a message telling me I NEED to read the damn thing! And so I am – I have the feeling that I’m entering chrysalis stage and am about to go all mushy and dissolve, only to re-emerge as something truly amazing (even to me). Thanks for the push!
    B/t/w, if you’d like, you can follow my journey at