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So, we just finished our very first Wayfinder Workshop. It was a FABULOUS experience for me—and let’s face it, who else matters? (I am kidding!) By targeting my last book to people who already feel their magic, I appear to have achieved two things: convincing most of the reading public that I am certifiably insane, and inviting the most awesome people on earth to come play with creating a new way of being in the world. We held the seminar on Pismo Beach, California, for reasons I will describe in a minute.
The first day, as we stood on the beach, some of us used the animal-calling exercise described in Finding Your Way In A Wild New World. By the following day, so many whales were surfacing off Pismo Beach that it made the national news. I watched them playing for an hour during our lunch break. My partner, Karen, insists that this is a coincidence, and it probably is. I’M JUST SAYING.
The fact is that real magic does not require the grandiosity of a Hollywood movie. When it arrives, one can always trace the way it happened in the physical world. The miracle is always a coincidence in which God chooses to remain anonymous. Magic is glory, not what I call “gloriola.”
On that same note, I want to thank anyone who gave so much as a glancing thought to my story about wanting a ranch where I could live close to nature. That miracle is finally a done deal, although I’m still waiting for it to land. This is not a story of “rich person buys a ranch.” This is a story of “wacky person feels compelled to buy something she absolutely cannot afford which she is then somehow able to buy.” Seriously, you guys, I do not know how this happened. All I know is that I can now sit on my front porch watching wild turkeys, deer, foxes, skunks, and potentially a bear (some of the coaches saw him down the road a bit, and there is nothing stopping him from visiting me). Best of all are the bobcats that live on the land. I like to think of them as starter leopards.
In short, I live in a three-dimensional miracle—and so do you. Before the Wayfinder Workshop, several tribe members gathered with a Shaman to dedicate the land to the objective of “Restoring Eden”—healing animals, ecosystems, and humans, in any way possible. At one point the Shaman took me aside and said, “Martha. Stop trying.” Without words, she helped me find an incredibly deep flow wave of movement in my lower torso. “There,” she said, “that anchors you and you can let others anchor there as well. Then, let it heal them.”
She didn’t say what ‘it’ was, because on one hand it is inexpressible, and on the other hand, once you’ve felt it, there is no need to describe it. It is the TAO. It is Love. It is saturating the air you breathe as you read this. Be still until you can let it find you. That is your only job. And then, what the hell, call some whales. Because that’s AWESOME.

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  1. Sean Hyland
    Sean Hyland says:

    Dear Martha,
    I just wanted to say, thanks for being there..
    I discovered you via the Oprah emails I receive and your quotes and encouragement has been invaluable in giving me hope to change my life and move in better directions.
    Wishing you much happiness.

  2. Dorothea
    Dorothea says:

    Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an extremely long comment
    but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that
    over again. Anyhow, just wanted to say superb blog!

  3. jan coulbourne
    jan coulbourne says:

    Just read expecting Adam and am looking for video of Adam doing the tango mentioned at the end of the book. Can you please direct me to it.

  4. Shivam
    Shivam says:

    Thank you. As always you are a divine master trickster inspiring me with your incredible wit and irreverant wisdom. I too have the “live in nature with animals’ vision. Mine is called “Kindred Spirits Healing Sanctuary”. This will be a place with rescue and indigenous animals in a beautiful natural setting – for people to come and heal and recalibrate. Also included will be a few chosen healing workshops and Equine Therapy. And of course restoring the land.
    Shivam in Carlsbad CA.

  5. Thelma
    Thelma says:

    Thank you Martha for your insight. And, I am reading your book right now “Finding Your Way in a Wild New World”. It’ good!

  6. Pam M
    Pam M says:

    Thanks for the reminder to stop trying so hard. This made me think of my yoga teacher’s same statement to me when I was trying so hard for a specific result. Guess what, I got it when I finally let go! Go figure. My Essential Self is drinking up your books North Star and Steering by Starlight like it has been in the desert since I was born. Thank you so much.

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