Clams in a tank

    Clam energy is exuberant, witty, wise, hilarious, and brilliant, but no one ever realizes this, because Clam keeps it all inside, out of fear that someone will steal its intellectual property.

    When Clam maneuvers its way into the bouillabaisse of your life, play your cards close to your vest. Closer! CLOSER! No one must know of your genius, or they will filch all your best ideas! (Which you’ll get around to developing any day now.)

    If Clam is your totem, your inner life is teeming with good intentions, none of which you ever act upon. You’re possibly the world’s best singer, writer, dancer, and inventor, but you haven’t yet begun singing, writing, dancing, or inventing. Continue in this vein. Remember that no matter how secretive you are aliens are probably trying to read your mind. Hide your talents in a hard shell of paranoia, or alternatively, aluminum foil. As a Clam, you can never be too careful.