lemming sitting on a rock

    Our animal totem for this month, the Lemming, is a cute little thing—perhaps too cute for its own good. Lemmings reproduce in such numbers that every four years or so, their population density becomes so extreme that they all flee to the suburbs—which is problematic because they have no cities. When they encounter a body of water, such as the Pacific Ocean, they try to swim it. They fail.

    Lemming energy is fixated, obsessive, and frazzled. If Lemming has tunneled its way through the yurt walls of your life, this is a good time to find a public space such as a theme park or the Kremlin, then throw a hysterical fit, then drown yourself.

    If you prefer to live a while, channel that Lemming energy into a hobby such as stalking.  Lemming’s rabid refusal to be deterred will come in handy! And because Lemmings are aggressive toward other animals, you’ll have the energy for plenty of physical violence when you get arrested. As for prison, there couldn’t be a better place to play out your Lemming destiny. See you there or maybe at the beach!

    Periodically in this newsletter and on my FB page, I’ll be sharing the animal totems you wish you knew more about: the marginalized, the disrespected, nay I say, the lame. You’ll learn the illuminating messages they hold for you. You’re welcome. ~Martha