The Aardwolf, as I’m sure you know, is a stripy hyena-like creature from Africa that can excrete a full tenth of its body weight in one magnificent defecation. (How much would you excrete if you were an Aardwolf?  Would it be more or less than you can lift?)

A single Aardwolf can consume a quarter of a million termites in one night. Along the way, it slurps up a lot of sand and other assorted detritus, much like a child in Sunday school learning that God is infinitely compassionate, and will curse all who break certain dietary restrictions.

If you’ve inhaled a lot of B.S. on your journey through life, the Aardwolf may be your totem. Let Aardwolf’s energy perform a high colonic on you at all levels: emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and physical. That’s right! Just dump it! Let Aardwolf cheer you on!

If not, don’t be surprised when people tell you that you’re full of crap. One day, you’ll look up to see Aardwolf, his stripy back, his high cackle, his world-class large intestine, encouraging you to let it go. Let it all go.