Lame Animal Totem: Lungfish

The lungfish is an African creature with awesome skills. In dry times it digs into the mud, encases itself in a hardened mucous shell, and lowers its metabolism to 

almost nothing. It can stay that way for up to four years, reviving and emerging when rain finally arrives. Occasionally people make bricks out of the mud, and on rainy nights newly-awakened lungfish start slithering out of their walls. Altogether charming!

Use Lungfish’s spiritual essence to help you spend most of your time totally lacking in ambition or motivation, thrashing around at rare intervals just barely enough to survive. Lungfish energy will help you encase yourself during your periods of lethargy, though instead of hardened mucous, your “shell” will be made of emotional numbness, or possibly aluminum foil. Call on Lungfish to help you pop out of nowhere into the lives of long-lost lovers and childhood friends, shouting, “Hi! I’m here to spawn!” Just like Lungfish, you’ll leave memories that never fade, even with the help of pharmaceuticals.

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  1. Cathy Faulkner
    Cathy Faulkner says:

    I need to know about this emotional numbness. My current husband of 2 years has this and I can't get through to him. He lost his mom to a brain tumor at 18 then his dad had a massive stroke and several surgeries then his wife took him for evert hinges as he drove up to the house she had a u haul moved out of state with their twins. He was left to take care of his disabled dad and pennyless. All utilities were turned off and bounced checks everywhere. He was arrested due to check fraud and now he has me an ex preachers wife for 33 years. I can't get past a best friend relationship. Help…

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