Make of yourself a light

I’ve heard from so many of you in recent days, weeks and months about how we can get by during a period when the news from the world feels cruel and dangerous. I wanted to talk to you directly about the helplessness many of us feel at such times.

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The Buddha’s last words were, “Make of yourself a light.” As a tribe, it’s my wish that we may all be lights for ourselves and each other in times that feel dark.

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  1. Patricia
    Patricia says:

    Beautifully said, and so true. I work in TV news for a national network, so I see and hear most everything first, and I cannot turn it off. I find when I'm faced with having to report on the unspeakable horror of violent acts, the default is detachment, dealing with the awfulness as if it's just a story, a work of fiction. That doesn't work for long, however.
    I find my personal peace in digging for answers– trying to find the "why."
    I use my meta-self, (as you so eloquently call it) to help me dig for information on perpetrators. And I uncover a lot of painful truths about shattered childhoods and mental illness and vows to violence which almost always are a warped response to an emptiness inside. A horrible void– deep, pain, that over years twists into hatred, and unaddressed unleashes itself on the innocent.
    The answer of course is love, love and more love. All of us who are awake, or marginally awake, or interested in awakening, feeling and spreading love and compassion everywhere, to everyone, in each moment big and small, til we weave it together like a blanket that's so tightly knit no hate can get through.
    That's my hope anyway.
    Thanks, Martha! You're awesome

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