Personal Growth

Maren Barros

I approach life coaching from several different perspectives. In addition to my coaching certification, I am a certified yoga instructor, a meditation teacher and a shamanic practitioner. My main goal is to help my clients to find the tools that will lead them to find their highest inner truth.

Lynn Trotta

Connecting with nature invites parts of yourself previously hidden to emerge and uncovers new treasures of the soul. Using coaching and ancient tools for spiritual connection with the Earth, I can gently guide you to see your own unique perfection reflected in the world around you.

Julia Seamons

As a certified life coach, I help clients identify, reframe and reduce the most stressful, paralyzing, or puzzling aspects of their lives and work towards clarity, action, and empowerment. I offer Zoom, FaceTime and phone sessions, as well as in-person sessions for Utah residents. What area of your life leaves you feeling dissatisfied? Let’s fix that.

Gloria Walker

All of our relationships, whether personal or professional, are shaped by the way we communicate. Helping women tap into the personal power that comes from clear communication with others and authentic communication with Self, boosted by a healthy dose of mindfulness, is my passion.

Laura Easton

I coach women with the “I’m not good enough” story to reclaim confidence, worthiness, self-esteem, balance and emotional freedom. I’ll help you heal pain and resolve limiting beliefs and negative thoughts at the root of your shame and unworthiness. You deserve to thrive in life, love, relationships, finances, work and play!

Lisa Meece

I provide unflinching kindness and relentless compassion. Having someone on your side doesn’t make it easy to be your true self in the world, but it can provide the support you need to feel like you aren’t alone on this journey.

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