Personal Growth

Lynne McLean Brown

I coach women who feel overwhelmed, guilty, exhausted and torn in a million different directions. I help them to create more space and time for themselves so that they can make themselves a priority more often, have more fun and reconnect with what lights them up.

Ellen Wolf

Ellen is a Certified Wayfinder Coach who helps high achieving creatives, entrepreneurs and industry leaders in publishing, entertainment and technology tap into their deepest and most intuitive integrity to find solutions to their most challenging puzzles. Sometimes called The Business Witch, her work is enlightening.

Selena Jackson

I work with women who want to find more happiness in their lives by helping them to discover what’s missing, what they would like more of in their life, and what’s stopping them. And then help them take the small steps to get it.

Martha Simkins Davis, MBA

I coach smart people who want to live life fully, with passion and compassion. I believe in limitless possibilities and your ability to create a life filled with ease, joy and abundance.

Molly Kittle

Will you open your heart to believing your mess is your magic, you’re not broken, and you don’t need to be fixed? Together, we’ll co-create a safe place to focus on you; to talk it out and tap into what you already know, feel, ARE. The world needs you to reclaim your voice, focus your power, and live your purpose.

Alison Ward

What is your dream job, dream life? Where are you today? How can you bridge that gap? I coach mindset for everyone working on a dream. My past experience is in elite sport and with creatives AND I know everyone has a dream. Get in touch for a free 30-minute call – worldwide and online. Let’s see what is possible

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