Personal Growth

Fanny Gambier

“T’es la preuve du mal qu’on peut se faire pour vivre sa vie, soit-disant, comme il faut.” (Fan) Je te propose de travailler à ce que cette phrase ne s’applique plus à toi.

“You’re proof of how bad we can hurt ourselves to live our lives properly.” I help you work towards having this sentence no longer apply to you.

Sue Brady

I’m a Life Purpose Coach who helps single women find the courage to take steps forward in their next chapter. I use my intuition to help them embrace what they already know in their hearts and offer guidance on the best path towards getting there.

Susan Fang

Imagine how incredible you’d feel: sharing your dreams and fears in a safe, supportive haven; exploring possibilities and creating opportunities; building courage and owning a room with confidence. In the blended role of confidante, cheerleader and coach, we hold space for you to be heard.

Rae Serafina Barker

I help people create big + deep lives and support folks in unleashing their art, sharing their magic, showing up as their most real + radiant selves, deepening their capacity to navigate the hard stuff, bringing to life what matters most, and finding ways to move through the world feeling connected + alive + at home.

Rachel J. Billingsley

Intuition is the quiet voice of truth that reveals itself in dreams and creative work, can show up as synchronicities, and ultimately connects us to a bigger knowing. As your coach I meet you where you are and help you tune into these subtleties for answers.

Meryl Feldman

I specialize in Mind-body Coaching to help women reach a place of greater clarity, health and joy by guiding them in healing their bodies and tapping into their deep intuitive wisdom, called “Soul Speak.” I also offer personal and group Nest weaving coaching workshops through

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