Personal Growth

Tal Fagin

I work in partnership with my clients to pin-point and solve problems. Together, we devise strategies to build confidence, improve relationships, enhance careers and feel lighter and brighter overall. My style is both compassionate and direct. I am a trustworthy confidant, an engaged listener and an enthusiastic wingwoman.

Bettina M Jones

I help women of color in the Corporate, Non-profit and Small Business who are looking for more meaning in their lives but struggle with how to get there.

I’m dedicated to bringing services and awareness to the Black, Indigenous, People of Color/People of Color communities about the transformative power of life coaching.

Ginger Ward-Green

My specialty is rooted in a systems perspective of “the way organizations work” and how individuals within organizations can do great work and lead their best lives. I work with individuals and organizations on identifying and aligning priorities, working through difficult problems, and building and repairing trust and team effectiveness.

Pam Burke

Pam has spent her adult life learning how to help others. Life coaching allows her to employ all the ways she’s learned to listen as a school counselor and business professional and support others navigate change. She is a provider of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and holds a Master’s Degree in Education.

Patrick Hogan

I help people feeling stuck, stagnant, or stressed yearning for more to disentangle from their present culture to align to their true nature so that they steer toward a life of purpose, freedom, and joy. My coaching relies on the body as both a compass and mirror to find freedom from physical habits to limiting beliefs.

Kristine Irving

I am a Certified Life Coach and hypnotherapist (C.HYP). I’m here to dive deep with you and discover the root cause of any issues that are holding you back from living Confidently, Unapologetically, and FREE. Accessing both the conscious and subconscious mind is my secret weapon to creating real change in your life.

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