Personal Growth

Jennifer E. Saldarriaga

I help women develop and radically new relationship with themselves. This change will impact health, relationships, career, and general wellbeing. My approach is holistic: Mind-Body-Spirit. También hablo español :)

MJ Morse

A well-lived life is one in which there is a preponderance of love, laughter, wonder and gratitude. MJ holds a PhD in Biology from Cornell University, worked academia, museums and as a free-lance artist. Now, as a Life Coach she combines the best of all of these adventures to offer a helping hand to others!

Tal Fagin

I work in partnership with my clients to pin-point and solve problems. Together, we devise strategies to build confidence, improve relationships, enhance careers and feel lighter and brighter overall. My style is both compassionate and direct. I am a trustworthy confidant, an engaged listener and an enthusiastic wingwoman.

Gillian Donà

My joy rests creating a space from which people can explore, connect and trust in their own inner wisdom and knowing. This includes aligning their careers, family and life with who they really are, and what they desire.

Isabel Tew

True power is dropping the “should do” and stepping into “love to”. I love to support people in moving from feeling stuck or lost to being deeply empowered.

Working in both the mainstream corporate world (Tech) and in the creative spaces of teaching Yoga, Breathwork and Mindfulness, I have wide experiences to draw from.

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