Personal Growth

Kylea Asher

Ready to live your life in flow? I coach people who want more joy, peace, and freedom, and teach strategies for accessing “flow state,” where pleasure and performance peak. An educator, social scientist researcher, and master life coach, I warmly partner to help you access the life and feeling states you’ve always dreamed.

Serena Lal

I work with high achievers who have done all the right things in their life and are now trying to figure out what they are meant to do.

Lisa Remund

My husband and I have raised six children and when my youngest started school I began teaching school for 12 years and counting. I have seen many different styles of parenting and believe success isn’t tied to achievements, but to relationships. I have a passion to help people work on improving relationships.

Bridget Lowry

I help the curious and courageous explore and uncover what they yearn for. You could say I am a possibilities coach. I help people tap into their imaginative and creative parts of their brain and rediscover their (very human) superpowers, and then refocus and refine. Ultimately, enabling them to find greater fulfilment.

Barb Brunzell

I’m a curious and creative changemaker who believes in the potential of the human spirit to dream a world of wonder and beauty into being. I believe everyone has a purpose and all hold multiple gifts and it is up to each one of us to do the work needed to activate them. In doing so, we empower both ourselves and others.

Rebecca Porche

I help creatives and women to feel the confidence and freedom to love and express themselves more fully. I’m an artist and mom myself. I know how it feels to struggle to find time for your creative work and to question its value. I want to help you overcome resistance, amplify your creative voice, and live inspired.

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