Spiritual Growth

Travis Stock

I specialize in the balance between masculine and feminine energies in each of us and help you nurture a relationship with both types of energy to create a sense of wholeness. Other specialties I work with include emotions, LGBT community, transformation of trauma/shame, relationships, divine masculine, and open-hearted living.

Bonnie Utley

I guide and champion mid-life women who fear it might be too late to live fulfilling lives with no regrets. I help them turn inward and upward to deeply seek, know and love themselves, so they can pursue their dreams and highest callings.

Marni Sclaroff

I bring the deep practice of yoga and meditation to supporting you in living a creative and purposeful life. My work is soul-centered, body positive, whole-hearted, and rooted in earth based wisdom. I have a lifetime of experience in the holistic, visual and movement arts, and a Master’s Degree in Art Education.

Dr. Vivian Carrasco

Work with me when you’re ready to dive deep, turn inward and dance with the universe in your own flow instead of someone else’s “should.” Stop stumbling in the dark. Instead cultivate your curiosity, self-compassion & self-awareness to move forward with confidence and clarity, knowing the next right step for you.

Stacey Andon

I help women unleash their power– the kind that starts a personal revolution in living all-in, authentic, meaningful lives.

Clear life purpose. Bold passion. Goose-bump-kind-of magic and synchronicities.

I’m a Master Coach, blender of the practical and the mystical, an oracle of the Universe.

Swati Jain Stanley

I support women to reveal, alchemize, and reweave their cultural, social, and familial conditioning so they feel empowered to live the life they truly deserve. I enhance my coaching with my multiple certifications in energy work, reiki and pranic healing.

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