Spiritual Growth

Linda Hannett

I share my experience guiding women and men through the art of developing your inner voice, sharpening intuition, pulling passions to the surface and building bridges to living your dreams. Looking for reinvention? A recent graduate? Together we’ll craft your next chapter and set you up for a fabulous launch!

Candi Freed

I specialize in facilitating midlife women’s discovery of their personal magic! We will work together to find your personal freedom and power by building an understanding of the physical and emotional changes that are actually bringing you back to a state of wellbeing and joyful living.

Beth Gager

I help people who have experienced what the world calls mental illness find their way into their most clear and beautiful lives. I also help women who want to connect to their bodies through nature, especially those who feel particularly sensitive to other people’s energy.

Heather Sontag

I work with overwhelmed moms to help them create positive habits and mindset shifts to move them from overwhelmed to empowered.

Victoria Silas

I help people, primarily physicians, cultivate a sense of calm and control in their personal and professional lives as they rekindle their sense of purpose and professional excitement. We will also focus on creating and maintaining healthy boundaries and overcoming perfectionism.

Tess Arington, JD

I help successful, action-oriented people who are stuck, burned out, or yearning for more authentic lives to clear their mental clutter, target what matters, and create what they crave. Using proven, science-based coaching methods and my strategic skills as an attorney, clients design lives with greater peace, purpose and satisfaction.

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