Spiritual Growth

Angelene Price

Helping thoughtful people cultivate the courage to live in their integrity and inhabit the life they fully intend. With guidance and inspiration, we partner to find the answers that are already within you and take steps toward following that innate wisdom to move life forward.

Ceca Mijatovic

Rather than deep diving into statistics when I was diagnosed, I coached myself through my cancer crisis and into my recovery. I used my cancer to discover a new level of connection and shape my life for the better. Now it’s my mission to help you do the same.

Nancy Paddock

Victim of a tragic history? I was, until a Near Death Experience instantly changed me. I can help you realize your unlimited potential through the blessings of my experience. Your story can trap you or transform you. Let me help you find peace and joy through your deepest wounds.

Jana Berghoefer

Workplace Provocateur + Self-Mastery Coach + Intuitive I am a people strategist, talent grower, culture builder and soul seer. My life’s work is to help individuals and organizations make deep and meaningful changes so they can better serve the world.

Susan Terry

Your life is a song; let your heart sing. My intention is to hold a sacred space for you uncover your true life song and purpose and use your special gifts while on this life journey.

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