Women's Issues

Gianna Brasil

Leveraging my background as an attorney and corporate recruiter, I help my clients discover their path and create tangible methods for achieving their goals. Whether you’re transitioning into a whole new career or looking to grow within the current one, I offer guidance and feedback on how to get there.

Katie Holmes

I help women break free from body image issues and utterly transform their lives in the process. My background is in nutrition coaching and personal training — but I believe that all physical transformations must begin as *internal* transformations. Are you ready to put down your ‘armor’ and begin truly living?

Barbara H. Martin

I enjoy outdoors and gardening. I love helping women explore their next step. I have over 30 years of parenting and homeschooling experience. I love to gather women for brainstorming sessions and vision board playshops and using the labyrinth. I love to read and recommend books.

Sue Brady

I’m a Life Purpose Coach who helps single women find the courage to take steps forward in their next chapter. I use my intuition to help them embrace what they already know in their hearts and offer guidance on the best path towards getting there.

Cory Halaby

Cory Halaby is a Life Coach and Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher. Her Within Life Coaching Wolf Pack supports women who seek to enrich their lives and change the world through heart-centered leadership. Cory offers workshops, retreats, individual coaching, and mindfulness consulting for schools and businesses.

Jennifer Komisarek

I’m a coach + perspective shifter. I love helping you to firm up boundaries,  free yourself from people pleasing and manage your energy effectively. My work is about helping my clients be honest with themselves + shift their thoughts to affect better life results. Ready to dive in to yours?

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