Women's Issues

Nancy J. McKay

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I use my experiences of recovery and a survivor of ovarian cancer to help women, most are over 50, who are going through a major life challenge and wonder what the hell happened. They feel lost and afraid. I help them find the silver lining in their circumstance so they can feel happy and at peace with their life.

Jenn Stuart

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Can you feel it?

There’s a massive shift taking place and if you’re reading these words then you’re part of it. Welcome Wayfinder.

Are you ready to leave behind your old patterns and step into possibility?

These are strange, exhilarating and often scary times – you don’t have to walk alone.

Lisa Graham

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Lisa Powell Graham is a Martha Beck Certified Life Coach and Harvard MPA, specializing in leadership coaching; helping women heal from trauma; and travel adventure retreats for women who want to lead bold, brave lives. Lisa is completing a book about her global travels and spiritual path. Her passion is helping women soar.

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