Women's Issues

Monna McDiarmid

Do you have a pretty good life but suspect you could be happier? Let’s get started! I work with creative, whole-hearted women who want greater freedom and ease in their bodies, work and play. I also work with international educators seeking clarity about their current and future positions.

Joi Whitmore

It is my desire to help others tune into the often unheard music of their bodies and cultivate a rhythm of alignment with their true nature. My Soul Integration and Empowerment Coaching helps high-achievers who feel misaligned with their professional persona integrate their soul’s longings into their present lives.

Tricia Acheatel

Tricia Acheatel, is a leading expert on teaching women how to access their inner wisdom, develop self-confidence, and create with conviction – to shape a life of meaning. Her unique approach blends quadrinity work that combines shamanism with herbal energetics, and resolving emotional patterns with a unique set of tools.

Hope Edelman

I work with clients who’ve experienced early loss (during childhood or adolescence) and want to examine “the long tail” of grief. Together we repair fractured life stories and re-author themes and coping skills that have outlived their purposes. Creative coaching for memoir writers is also available.

Mary Jane Odhner

I help women who carry extra weight on their bodies, in their hearts and in their heads, by working with them to remove negative influences, improve their relationship with their bodies and to learn to infuse more joy into their everyday lives.

Andrea S Wenger

I work with people who want change, but aren’t sure where to start or even what they want. My work is informed by trauma resilience training, life experiences of recurrent pregnancy loss, raising two children while working full time in administrative leadership, and a recent “empty nest” transition.

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