Women's Issues

Mary Jane Odhner

I help women who carry extra weight on their bodies, in their hearts and in their heads, by working with them to remove negative influences, improve their relationship with their bodies and to learn to infuse more joy into their everyday lives.

Kathryn Lucatelli

Are you ready to step into your YES and Wholeheartedly live in your NOW? Let’s get started. I can’t wait to accompany you on this journey. It’s going to be fun.

Holly Holloway

What if this is the beginning of the best years of your life? I can help you reclaim your identity and independence after a late-life divorce. I understand how overwhelming it feels to start over at this stage of life. Now is the time to create a life based on your values, your desires, on your terms. You deserve this!

Natalie Miller

Dear super-achievers, working parents, and perfectionists: you can have it all – ALL OF IT – and still enjoy the life you’re working so hard to create.

I help you figure out how to evolve your career, inner dialogue, and work/life balance so you love your everyday life by loving yourself.

Jeanette Salvatierra

Using her intuition, knowledge, experience and creativity in problem solving, Jeanette inspires and supports smart, brave and educated Latin-Americans and expats, in Getting clarity and confidence on how to re-create their career while balancing their most important relationships, their goals and life purpose, to enjoy a happy and successful life.

Caroline Greene

I’m a recovering lawyer and chronic over-achiever who helps well-educated moms find work that matters. If you’re wondering if you could be doing more at work or home I’d love to help.

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