Women's Issues

Gwen Suesse

“Your life. Just better.”  My goal is to help you clarify and articulate what you want most from life, and then help you figure out how to achieve it. General life coaching, with emphasis on “empty nest,” grief, spiritual issues, identity/voice questions, and midlife/elderhood transitions.

Melissa G. Wirt

You’re smart, have excess weight, and are frustrated.  You refuse another quick-fix diet. You want support to stop dieting for good and get to your Best Weight.  Ahhhh.  I teach you to Ditch the Diet, Desire and Do.  You create more of what you REALLY want for your life.

Laura Rosenberg

I help women lose weight and get laser-sharp clarity in their lives.  Life is too short to be on a diet treadmill going nowhere.  It’s time for you to start showing up for you and create an amazing life you are excited about.  Let’s get going!

Abbe Jacobson

I help smart, busy midlife mamas and professionals who know what to do to be fit and healthy…they just struggle to do it. Let me help you get to the root of your resistance so you can feel healthy, vibrant and strong.

Betsy Pearson

Half my clients are men who were persuaded to talk to me by their wife/ girlfriend/sister… then shocked to discover they like it. We have a blast. I also love coaching coaches (we mine the valuable projections coming up in their own practice) and people overwhelmed by change or stuckness.

Lisa Bourdon

Hello I’m Lisa B!

My passion is for purposeful business, and I believe the foundation of purposeful business is: People empowered. Processes perfected. Profits aplenty.

How? By transforming the traditional paradigms that shape how leaders lead and organizations are organized.

That’s what I do. Passionately, on purpose.

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