About this episode

In this episode, Martha and Ro dive into an eternal creative conundrum: how to manage inner criticism. They explore ways to quiet the voice of your destructive inner critic, making way for the discerning inner critic who can improve your work. You’ll learn how Martha and Ro each navigate constructive self-criticism and get some insightful guidance from Martha about how to quel fear (which is the source of self-doubt).

Show Notes

All creative people have two inner critics: One is the familiar, droning voice of self-doubt. The other is the discerning critical faculty that can help us to improve our work. How can we tell these apart? How can we overcome the first in order to make good use of the second?

In this episode of Bewildered, Martha and Ro dive into this eternal creative conundrum. You’ll learn how they work with their own inner critics. Martha also dishes key advice and potent exercises to help quell fear (which is the source of self-doubt).

As always there will be lots of laughs, a-ha moments, and goofy accents, but you’ll also learn:

  • The difference between passing judgment and making a judgment
  • The role of fascination in creativity
  • The state of mind we inhabit when we’re making.

Ready to tune out bewildering self-doubt and tune into WILD creativity? This episode will show you how!

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