Video: Coach 4 2day- Divine Discomfort

In this video, Martha addresses the concept of “Divine Discomfort” and then speaks to how to act and react when you feel”powerless” to another’s choice.

[Can’t see the embedded video above? Watch it online!]


  1. Becky says

    Outside of the whole thing of being on your website and watching this because I need to – the dog leaping into the water initially made me laugh, then made me feel joyous! A great feeling at the end of a fairly shity day!

    Thanks Martha!

  2. Hazel says

    Dear Martha,
    I really appreciate your humor… is so relieving to laugh and see myself in the stories and anecdote you tell.
    Thank you for your insights and wisdom in a tangible way.
    I just read some of your work on and followed the trail to your website. I am hooked.
    Hope we connect more.

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