Video: Coach 4 2day – Perfectionism

“Enlightenment is to be without anxiety over imperfection.”

  1. Becky Boyd
    Becky Boyd says:

    Hi Martha. I love this idea of acceptance…not fighting being a perfectionist is half the battle. For most perfectionists things will never ever be perfect. But trying to get rid of being a perfectionist…I know its never worked for me. So I just try to laugh at myself now. When I see my little perfectionist thoughts and behaviors come up I try to acknowledge them and then move on and know that at any given moment, I am doing the very best that I can. Maybe one day I will see that as perfect.

  2. Callahan McDonough
    Callahan McDonough says:

    Martha, I have started reading your daily quotes and videos since I did a workshop with Sarah Robinson last year. I look forward to them each morning. This morning my mind was wandering with ‘monkey talk’ into negativity. This video helped get back on track. Thank you.

  3. Kate
    Kate says:

    Thanks a lot Martha! This helps. A little Pinot Grigio now & then too will be taken medicinally to seal the deal.

  4. Mila Fairfax
    Mila Fairfax says:

    As a recovering perfectionist, I have come to realize that art is not perfect – cannot be perfect by definition. When I find myself getting wrapped up about the imperfections I see, I try to look at it as a work of art, from the perspective of its artistic qualities.

    I have also come to trust that there is as much value in being present and, well, kind of a perfectionist, about the actionable task of being engaged in my relationships and my self-rejuvenation. You owe it to your self to take those chores as seriously as you take the other ones.

  5. Sandra
    Sandra says:

    I’ve lovingly referred to myself as a Recovering Perfectionist for years. I’ve learned to be much kinder to myself, while still sucking lots of benefit out of the parts of my perfectionism that are gift. And the parts I still screw up on sometimes? I respectfully do not care. 🙂

  6. rebecca @ altared spaces
    rebecca @ altared spaces says:

    I have to laugh. I can see the video on this clip and watch Martha happily chatting in her coral scarf. But I can’t get the audio to work. This is enough message about perfectionism for me today. Thank you very much.

  7. Ed Fox
    Ed Fox says:

    Hi Martha,

    Love your take on perfection. If we allow ourselves to imperfect then we can and will allow others to do the same.

    Ed Fox

  8. Linda Mair
    Linda Mair says:

    I was running around, trying to get things perfect for arriving guests … This included trying to redo my manicure so they wouldn’t have to look at chipped nail polish! Then I decided to watch Martha’s video. It changed my morning. My friends want to be with my husband and me and have FUN. I’m sure they don’t care if the towels are folded perfectly and the pillows are fluffed just so. I don’t when I go to their house. So I’m gong to be brave and say ” Welcome to my imperfect house. Let’s go for a walk on the beach and chat.” I’ll wear runners so they don’t see my chipped nail polish.

  9. Liz
    Liz says:

    Thanks Martha. What a great way of looking at perfectionism. I have been working on this part of me and looking to see if the perfection I am seeking is external to me(what others think) or an internal strive to do things differently. This has made all the difference. For me it boils down to judgment. If I am trying to please someone, it is due to my fear of being judged. If I am trying to better myself to live a more fulfilling life, I see this perfection as a path to higher living.

  10. adele
    adele says:

    but still doesn’t answer the other part of the question on getting it all done — forget perfectly — many people suffer from this treadmill of getting everythign done and can’t relax.

    • Editor
      Editor says:

      Can you actually ever get “everything” done? Loosen that belief and turn it around to something as true or truer: “Whatever is meant to get done, will get done.” Or “When I try to get everything done, I get nothing done.” Or “When I relax, I get more done.”

  11. Tiffany
    Tiffany says:

    SO how do you work with perfectionists to get anything DONE! I am about to go insane trying to get things finished when everyone around me wants to nit pick fonts, wording, colors… everything and a project that takes three minutes ends up taking six months.