Buddy Up and Giddy Up…

I’m learning to ride a horse, which is a lot like driving a car, if cars were nervous and unpredictable and expressed their anxiety by leaping suddenly sideways and accelerating uncontrollably whenever the breeze picks up. Also their shock absorbers were made out of jerky. And they bit.

So I sit on this huge beast named Buddy like a fruit bat clinging to a human’s scalp, and I’m supposed to make him do what I want without reinforcing his suspicion that I’m a serial killer. My options are limited: I can tug on the reins, tap with my legs, or wiggle. Buddy and I must agree on what each of these actions will mean.

The process boils down to what my teachers call “pressure” and “release.” Tugging, tapping, or wiggling is pressure; a typical horse will start trying anything to make it stop. When Buddy does something I want—going forward, backing up, turning in place, composing poetry—I’m supposed to release the pressure and relax. This stillness–relief from pressure–rewards him.

It occurs to me that this is how my Essential, or Big Self (or soul, or whatever) communicates with my Small Self. Self is the Rider, and in this scenario, I’m like Buddy the horse. My Rider asks me to move by creating pressure: unease, discontent, irritation. When I do what my Big Self wants, my Small Self experiences stillness, peace, and relief.

You may feel your own Rider Self guiding you right now, tugging at your head, tapping your sides, trying to wiggle you out of your job or into learning French or adopting a child. Begin tuning into it. Pay attention to the subtle tugs and flutters. Try something—anything. Then try something else. When you go toward your best option, the pressure will suddenly disappear. Pay attention. Repeat.

It may feel awkward, but eventually this always works. Always. The more you practice, the more quickly you learn to interpret the Rider’s requests accurately. And your Rider has some big plans, friend. I don’t know what they are, but when you calm down and tune in, the two of you will have adventures your Small Self could never even imagine. Get quiet, get responsive, and giddy up.

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  1. bill
    bill says:

    It’s really a “miracle”. I “called” a cat appear at the front of my door. I forgot it. I moved to another place. I rented a room. I heard a cat several days later after I moved in. Another several months passed. One night, it sat at the front of my door. I let it in the room and it walked around and left. Today, I thought about the incident, thinking it would be great if it came tonight. Then when I opened the door. It was right there. I came back several minutes later. It’s gone. Since the tap water is installed outside. When I used the water and came back, it went inside and walked around. I really felt grateful. I think it would happen no matter I read your book or not, it’s just that after reading your book, I would not dimiss this kind of experience as “coincidence” or forgot it. Another thing, several months ago,one day when I was sitting at a park, doing nothing in particular, then somehow I thought of a line from your book that told about a bird bathing in water(like junkies). I don’t believe it, then I heard a bird, and I turned my head to the direction where the sound came from. I saw a bird playing in water in the distance. I didn’t believe my eyes.

  2. Renee
    Renee says:

    I am reading Finding Your Way for the third time. I too have had animals come to me after asking them to come. It is an amazing experience.
    I recently have noticed that with young dogs, there is a different kind of energy coming from them. They are easier and less complicated when they come to me. They seem so much more happy. I love that.

    I do have a question. What do you do when you run into angry or unhappy energies? I just try to relax but I am cautious. Is there another response that reduces some of the anger? I have finally acknowledged some of the hostile folks that have been around me for awhile and I have cut them loose from my life. Life has certainly gotten better. I know more of what I did that kept them around but I have definitely stopped them from continuing to use me as a venting dump. I didn’t want them to be in my life at all. However getting real compatible friends does not come easily so I have been looking at what might stop them from coming into my life. Keep writing Martha. You are a great influence for making positive changes.

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