The Connection Solution

You’ve seen it on TV a hundred times. 
The great detective (or doctor or scientist or whatever) has been working the case night and day, with no success. 

The Secret Doorway

I spent years trying to escape anxiety before I found the way out. I meditated, followed guided visualizations, tried every calm-down method I could find in self-help books.

Calming Your Creature

I’d like to offer you an invitation: for the next few minutes—maybe the time it takes you to read this—take a break from your anxiety. Just block it out and be here now.

Meet Your Creature

I used to be stuck in a life-coaching paradox: Many of my most articulate clients seemed unable to understand anything I said to them.

Why you’re so anxious . . .

Are you feeling a bit anxious? Maybe a lot anxious? Yeah, me too.
We’re hardly alone: there are more anxious people walking the earth right now than ever before.

The Stunning Surprise of Age—and the Overwhelming Gratitude That Comes Along With It

The most common emotion people feel about getting old is surprise. I remember reading this in my thirties and finding it hilarious. Surprise? About the single most predictable thing in life? Oh, those old folks, I thought. Those doddering darlings! How silly they are!

I’m pretty sure that was last week. Except now I’m about to turn sixty.


You have to understand: Turning sixty only happens to other people. It has literally never happened to me. It is not something I do. Every day, I have to wrap my boggled mind around the shocking, totally unforeseeable reality of my sixtyness.

In my defense—in defense [...]

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