Spiritual Growth

Linda Porelle LCSW

For women in mid-life and beyond: Reawaken and inhabit your heart’s deepest desires and courageously embrace life’s inevitable changes with true self-acceptance. For someone facing vision loss or their loved ones: I’m a blind woman with a lifetime of wisdom, practical experience and my own definition of wholeness.

Raymond DePaola

Looking Forward to Your Future! What is it you deeply desire to do, and who is it you are meant to be?  What does your authentic voice crave to say? Let’s work and play together to bring balance back to your life, uncover your essential self, and discover your true purpose.  It’s time to share your light with the world!

Jude Temple

I help perfectionists and people-pleasers quit “should”-ing on themselves so they can open their hearts to the deliciously sloppy joy of real life.

I connect folks to their genius and courage so they can take their lives from “meh” to magical!

Start living life on purpose instead of on autopilot!

Jennifer Suarez

I’m your career ninja.  I work with corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and coaches.  My work is laser focused on helping you understand and navigate your next step, take your business or idea successfully forward and deliver on the beautiful legacy that only you can bring to the world.  Don’t Play Small.

Devin Green

I help my clients to find clarity – finding the truth in who they are, and intentionally creating their path forward. And I help healers to clearly see and communicate their gifts so they connect with clients and build aligned, thriving businesses. My style is intuitive, spiritual, direct, deeply supportive and connective.

Kelli Younglove

I use compassionate coaching to help women tap into their true source of power so they can start MAKING the rules, instead of just following them.  Together, we’ll use the power of self-awareness to drill down to the core issue so you can get lasting results.  Want to go deep and move fast?  Then I’m the coach for you!

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