Women's Issues

Shanna Nardone

As a mom of two, I know how important it is to live a spacious and balanced life for myself. My mission is to support other maternal figures in rediscovering and reconnecting with themselves, creating boundaries, prioritizing themselves and their time, and exploring new outlooks.

Pam Weiss

My 20+ years as an Internal Family Systems therapist helps me create a safe, powerful, transformational experience that support people seeking to clear internal blocks. Clients can then reach their fullest potential in areas such as clearer thinking, communication, trust, boundary setting and leadership.

Candi Byrne

Candi is a certified life coach specializing in helping women who want or need to make big life changes. Candi provides personalized 1:1 support for her clients to learn how to tame chaos; develop internal strength; gain clarity; and quell fears. She also leads workshops about how to intentionally design your Ideal Life.

Cory Halaby

Cory Halaby is a Life Coach and Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher. Her Within Life Coaching Wolf Pack supports women who seek to enrich their lives and change the world through heart-centered leadership. Cory offers workshops, retreats, individual coaching, and mindfulness consulting for schools and businesses.

Dixie St. John

I’m a Master Coach, Equus Coach, writer, social justice advocate, truth-teller, story-whisperer, and witness of the sacred. I help my clients navigate the grief/mourning process following loss. Other coaching specialties include end-of-life support, establishing/maintaining boundaries, and self-empowerment for introverts.

Jane Springer

I am a Life and Style coach. I help men and women who are struggling with a life transition, such as divorce, or retirement or an autoimmune condition, such as celiac disease, and love working with them on their confidence, including their personal style. Weight loss is also a specialty.

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