Women's Issues

Dixie St. John

I’m a Master Coach, Equus Coach, writer, social justice advocate, truth-teller, story-whisperer, and witness of the sacred. I help my clients navigate the grief/mourning process following loss. Other coaching specialties include end-of-life support, establishing/maintaining boundaries, and self-empowerment for introverts.

Mary Ann Johnstone

Need help creating a life you truly love? Feeling stuck? Coach 1 on 1 with me for compassionate support, powerful tools, and some mighty kindness to grow your life, your business and your happiness! Coaching is available in person, over the phone, and via Skype.

Jude Temple

I help perfectionists and people-pleasers quit “should”-ing on themselves so they can open their hearts to the deliciously sloppy joy of real life.

I connect folks to their genius and courage so they can take their lives from “meh” to magical!

Start living life on purpose instead of on autopilot!

Ashley Folsom

When you embrace the power of choice, you take an active role in life instead of feeling life is being done to you. As a military spouse and corporate consultant, I’ve learned to surf the waves of change effortlessly, playfully and with peace. Let me share that with you.

Dina Ferrante

Let’s talk about your life! This process is all about you receiving unwavering support as you reclaim your power and discover what you really, really want. We start in the present. We move forward. We break through areas of self-doubt, sabotage and fear. We shift perspective, together.

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