Women's Issues

Kiersten Roberts Macreery

Life is full of adventures, and I don’t just mean outer adrenaline-fueled adventures. I also mean inner adventures like self-discovery, personal empowerment and deep soul-diving.  I’d love to join up with you.  Get ready to experience an adventure beyond words.

Lorraine Faehndrich

Lorraine is a Life, Health and Wellness Coach with a background in nutrition, massage therapy, and naturopathic medicine.  Her powerful coaching will help you fall in love with yourself, reclaim your purpose and passion, heal your body, and live an authentic, empowered, radiantly healthy life.

Allison Evans

I love mothers. Pregnancy, birth and the transition into motherhood are nature’s invitations to women to discover and own their power. I offer one-on-one and group coaching to mothers in any stage of transition, from pre-birth to empty-nest, and I am a HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator.

Vidica Simpson

My passion is working with open-minded individuals who find themselves at a crossroads in their life and are ready to make a change. I specialize in relationships with self and helping you find your next step.

Betsy Rapoport

I specialize in Midlife Stuckitude, writing blocks (I’ve edited six of Martha Beck’s books), and Loss of Joy Syndrome. Tell me your life story, and I’ll help you write a more joyful one!

Jennifer Washington

Jennifer Washington is a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach, as well as an Integrative Mental Health coach.

She’s the creator of What Now Life Coaching.

Jennifer runs Vision Board Workshops, Sister Circles and has been coaching women in transition 1:1 for 10 years.

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