Women's Issues

Lorraine Faehndrich

Women’s Chronic Pain, Pelvic Pain and Anxiety Relief. Creator of the mind body healing programs Healing Female Pain and Reclaim Your Sexual Self. I help women find lasting relief from pelvic pain, anxiety, and other chronic pain, and reclaim their lives and power using a mind-body/ pleasure based approach. 14 yrs experience

Jennifer Washington

Jennifer Washington is a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach, as well as an Integrative Mental Health coach.

She’s the creator of What Now Life Coaching, The Mushroom to Sunflower Blog &The Female Emotional Neglect Recovery Program. Jennifer has been supporting Women overcoming inner and outer life obstacles since 2010.

Eve Giovenco

Eve is a creative, compassionate coach who guides women in midlife to shift from the stresses of living for everyone else to the riches of self-discovery. Eve offers a safe, judgment-free zone for navigating transitions and discovering creativity. “We make the road by walking,” one step at a time.

Kori Stecker

It can be disheartening when life isn’t going quite as you expected. You get stuck and unhappy. I work with women who are willing to let go of that picture of what they thought life should be like and learn how to find joy in their life again.

Lisa J. Magness-McCurdy

It’s a great feeling of freedom when we finally realize that we don’t have to wait for someone or something outside of ourselves to be happy. We can make our own difference. I work with clients to help them navigate their way to their own personal joy.

Connie Larson

Have you ever tried holding a beach ball under water? It requires so much effort and eventually pops up. Not living your “true-self” life feels exactly the same. I will help you REMEMBER who you are and what it is that you really, really want, one thought at a time.

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