Women's Issues

Sally Robertson

Sally is the Founder of The Midlife Courage Project which supports women in their 40’s and 50’s who are ready to take their most meaningful dreams off hold. She is the creator of Your Next Chapter Map which helps women to make this next chapter of their life an absolute page-turner.

Terry DeMeo

When did you last feel fully alive? I’ll help you find the confidence to pursue your desires, create rich, rewarding relationships, and befriend voice in your head. Let’s talk!

“A wise, inspiring coach with the experience, emotional intelligence and intellect to guide you through virtually anything.” Martha Beck

Mary Ann Lowry, M.Ed.

As an adult with ADHD, I specialize in helping children, teens, college students and adults experience quality living with ADHD. Parent coaching for parents of children with learning differences is also a service. I also have the diagnosis of fibromyalgia and two chronic pain disorders. Through mind/body coaching, I’ve experienced

Jackie Gartman

I coach women who are tired of the “not good enough” story, who want to end the cycle of self-recrimination and expand their confidence in the places that matter. Despite your social conditioning, despite what your parents told you or the beliefs you adopted along the way, your desires matter!

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