Image for Episode #0 Bewildered Trailer for the Bewildered Podcast with Martha Beck and Rowan Mangan
About this episode

Bewildered. A podcast for people who are trying to figure it out. Join Martha Beck and Rowan Mangan for help figuring out everyday conundrums. If you’re bewildered, join us! For more information, contact [email protected]

Show Notes

Join Martha Beck and her co-conspirator, Rowan Mangan, for BEWILDERED, the podcast for people trying to figure it out. In it, our intrepid co-hosts address topics about the ways that culture teaches us to come to consensus, while our own true natures want us to come to our senses. Martha and Ro believe that the best way to figure this out is by going through bewilderment into beWILDerment.

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