About this episode

In the very first episode of the BEWILDERED podcast, Martha and Ro unpack the importance of embracing our WILDNESS. Now, running naked through the woods has its charms, but wildness takes many forms, including mindful rebellion against conformity. Our hosts share their circuitous journeys from the bewilderment of culture’s consensus to the beWILDerment of their natural senses. Ro challenges our notions of happiness, and Martha shares an exercise to help us find our way back to our true selves.

Show Notes

In the very first episode of the Bewildered podcast, Martha and Rowan explore how bewilderment can become a path away from culture’s pressures and back to our true natures. That existential disorientation we all feel might actually be a wake-up call or a course correction! As examples, they share their journeys from bewilderment to beWILDerment, explaining how pushing back on cultural conformity helped them both feel more grounded, authentic, and happy.

After spilling their figuring-it-out stories, our hosts tackle their first listener bewilderment: how to handle a sad day in what seems like an ideal life. We’re told that if our lives LOOK right, we’d damn well better FEEL right. And if we don’t, we’re ungrateful sods. To counter that harmful narrative, Martha offers a thought exercise to begin finding our way back to our true natures by creating spaciousness around our negative feelings.

This episode unpacks the ways that culture wants us to come to consensus, while our true natures demand we come to our senses. We learn how to define happiness on our own terms and how to see ourselves as an eternally blue sky through which emotions can pass like the changes in weather.

(You will also learn a Bewildered podcast companion game to keep you well-hydrated. Keep a tasty beverage handy!)

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