About this episode

Adulting is hard. So why is everyone on social media doing it SO MUCH BETTER than we are? In this funny and heartfelt episode, Martha and Ro unpack the comparison trap and remind us to define ourselves by ourselves. Martha points out that comparison sets us up to feel shame and misery and that it’s a force unique to certain Western cultures. Ro suggests realigning our points of reference and offers a remarkably effective exercise to help us recalibrate around our true selves.

Show Notes

Fire up the ol’ Facebook and you’ll see very few posts showcasing disastrous outfits or piles of dirty diapers. Everyone curates what they share on social media, and yet it’s easy to scroll through Instagram and decide that the entire world is happier, healthier, and more successful than you are. (Even though you’re comparing your feature film to their highlight reels.)

In this episode, Martha and Ro help us all move from the bewilderment of toxic comparison to a state of beWILDerment that centers on our own unique truth. Martha explains that people from Western cultures are especially prone to comparing ourselves to one another and then getting very, very upset if we don’t measure up. This can totally take over our lives, filling us with shame and misery.

As an antidote, Ro recommends a simple and elegant recalibration exercise that takes our reference points OUT of other people and puts them back into ourselves. She reminds us that our hearts want the experience of the lives that we live, not the lives that our friends live. 

Comparison is like pouring gasoline on the fires of our jealousy. In this enlightening episode, we are shown an easy route back to grounding ourselves, defining our truths, and embracing our own unique WILDness.

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