About this episode

Has anyone ever told you that a particular life-changing app or journaling technique will help you get a handle on everything in your life? If so, Martha and Ro would like to inform you that they were LYING! Life is overwhelming, and no calendar or tool will change that. We can no more “stay on top of everything” than we can control the universe. Tune in as our hosts use examples from Confucianism, body surfing, and landscape architecture to show us the value of letting go, heeding nature, and being fluid.

Show Notes

Most of us struggle to manage and monitor everything in our lives. Relationships, work, health, family, education… the list seems endless. We have this terrible feeling that if we don’t stay on top of our things, those things are gonna get on top of us. And if we DO happen to catch up and shout triumphantly, “I’m on top of everything!” that declaration is inevitably followed by, “I am so exhausted!” 

And then things start to pile up again. Right away. Like, within seconds.

Sound familiar? Well, Martha and Ro are here to tell us that our collective struggle to stay on top of everything is downright unnatural. Attempting to exercise enough, eat well, excel at work, care for our elderly parents, keep up friendships, raise amazing kids, and keep our pets healthy all at once is a recipe for disaster. (And crying jags.) Ro points out that our feelings of impending chaos are a consequence of trying to outrun chaos in the first place, and Martha adds that our need to “stay on top of everything” reflects our need to control the universe, to control our lives down to every last tiny detail.

In this episode, Martha and Ro implore us to stop this obsession with control and start heeding the rhythms of nature. Using examples from Confucianism, body surfing, and landscape architecture (no, really), Martha explains that our problem is rigidity. We need to let go, and be more fluid.

Want to know how? Want to follow the power that comes from all around us, and from within us? (And also how to build a schedule that doesn’t make you howl in frustration?) Tune in and listen along.

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