Grief and Loss

Amy Ibarra

I’m a Coloradoan who loves nature. For over 30 years I worked and volunteered with individuals with disabilities and seniors. It was my passion and fed my soul, but red tape and regulations pushed me to find a new way to help others. Let me help you find your Inner Strength. You are stronger than you know!

Brenda L Nelson

I love to play in the magick. I believe that we are no longer in a time where you must sacrifice and struggle in order to find your way. Let it be easy and joyful. Let it feel like a breath of fresh air. Your inner compass brought you here and it will continue to guide you to your biggest and best life. Let’s get started.

Brooke Smith

I’m Brooke Smith, your soon to be favorite Life-coach! I’m a Somatic Writing & Publishing Coach! I’m a 4xPublished author. Together we will untangle those blocks and discover approaches that work for you in order to tackle your writing goals while feeling blissful the whole way through! Let’s play together!

Terri DeMontrond

Hello and welcome. I am passionate about supporting others in wellness. In addition to my Martha Beck Certification I have studied Holistic Nutrition, Yoga Therapy, Emotional Regulation skills (DBT), Compassionate Bereavement Care (CBC) Facilitator, and I practice mindfulness and meditation. I am also a bereaved parent.

Deirdre Markham

I specialize in Hypnotheraphy and Depth Hypnosis. I love the idea that Life Coaching is a “trainer for the mind.” Thought work is an incredible tool for shifting clients when stuck. My work as a Hypnotherapist and Depth Hypnosis practitioner adds a deeper piece to the work. A “trainer for the soul.”

Cathy Dean

Do you put tons of pressure on yourself to succeed? Do you tend towards perfectionism? Are you overwhelmed? I help in-demand high achievers reduce stress and gain more energy so they can do their best work in the world. Let me help you become a calm achiever.

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