Grief and Loss

Brooke Smith

I’m Brooke Smith, your soon to be favorite Life-coach! I’m a Somatic Writing & Publishing Coach! I’m a 4xPublished author. Together we will untangle those blocks and discover approaches that work for you in order to tackle your writing goals while feeling blissful the whole way through! Let’s play together!

Julie Squires

Julie is a Certified Life Coach who brings a unique perspective and approach to support the mental health/wellbeing of those that work in the highly stressful and traumatic environments of animal welfare, veterinary medicine and animal rescue .She offers on-site seminars, workshops, 1:1 coaching and the Rekindling podcast.

Annie Allender Robbins

Annie has been Five Element Acupuncturist since 2003 and is passionate about partnering with coaching clients to help them access their body’s innate wisdom as they move through trauma, life transitions, grief, relationships and health challenges. The body doesn’t lie: Annie guides towards confidence & connection to self.

Tonya Crombie, Ph.D.

I help people ready to take the next step but unsure of what it is or how to take it. If you’re struggling or confused, I assist clients between the ages of 16 and 116 to (re)discover what’s best about themselves and how to bring their best into the world.

Amy Ibarra

I’m a Coloradoan who loves nature. For over 30 years I worked and volunteered with individuals with disabilities and seniors. It was my passion and fed my soul, but red tape and regulations pushed me to find a new way to help others. Let me help you find your Inner Strength. You are stronger than you know!

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