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Danielle M De La Mare

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As a tenured professor, I was unhappy for a long time: attached to my academic identity, addicted to work, and regularly experiencing shame-driven anxiety due to imposter syndrome. Not surprising, this cycle led to burnout. I now coach women in soul-crushing careers and help them find lives and careers that nourish them.

Jenn Stuart

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Can you feel it?

There’s a massive shift taking place and if you’re reading these words then you’re part of it. Welcome Wayfinder.

Are you ready to leave behind your old patterns and step into possibility?

These are strange, exhilarating and often scary times – you don’t have to walk alone.

Cid Lough

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The path to Joyful Wellness begins with learning to reconnect with yourSelf and trust the wisdom within you. My passion, as a Joyful Life & Wellness Coach, is to provide powerful tools and a safe, sacred space where you can discover your own unique embodiment of wellness and joy.

Claire Benson-Mandl

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I have over 20+ years helping folks find work options that satisfy, particularly for those with health-related concerns, and those in the LGBTQ2S+ community.

Gail Blesch

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You already possess everything you need to live the life you intended. Sometimes you just need help accessing it. Through Chakra Numerology + Intuitive Coaching discover your life themes and soul dreams, energy patterns and beliefs, to allow your unique magic and activate your innate well-being. Then go live your joy.

Susan Fang

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Imagine how incredible you’d feel: sharing your dreams and fears in a safe, supportive haven; exploring possibilities and creating opportunities; building courage and owning a room with confidence. In the blended role of confidante, cheerleader and coach, we hold space for you to be heard.

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