Personal Growth

Busra Ozcan

I partner with a wide range of clients who wants to gain clarity on what makes them feel stuck, indecisive or hesitant. To my coaching, I bring in the perspective of decluttering and reorganizing a space, as tangible changes of which results can be seen immediately help open up space for intangible change and clarity.

Holly Holloway

What if this is the beginning of the best years of your life? I can help you reclaim your identity and independence after a late-life divorce. I understand how overwhelming it feels to start over at this stage of life. Now is the time to create a life based on your values, your desires, on your terms. You deserve this!

Swati Jain Stanley

I support women to reveal, alchemize, and reweave their cultural, social, and familial conditioning so they feel empowered to live the life they truly deserve. I enhance my coaching with my multiple certifications in energy work, reiki and pranic healing.

Kylea Asher

Ready to live your life in flow? I coach people who want more joy, peace, and freedom, and teach strategies for accessing “flow state,” where pleasure and performance peak. An educator, social scientist researcher, and master life coach, I warmly partner to help you access the life and feeling states you’ve always dreamed.

Charlene Ferguson

I help ambitious women who work in male dominated industries to stop playing small, worrying what others think and claim permission to confidently show up as yourself so you can truly thrive at work and in life. As a Captain on the Boeing 737 I’ve seen and heard it all, I get the unique challenges you face, I’d love to chat

Ginger Ward-Green

My specialty is rooted in a systems perspective of “the way organizations work” and how individuals within organizations can do great work and lead their best lives. I work with individuals and organizations on identifying and aligning priorities, working through difficult problems, and building and repairing trust and team effectiveness.

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