Personal Growth

Adrienne Enns Edgar

I inspire and empower people to be intentional and create their lives on purpose. I believe that joy is a choice and is available to us everyday. Whatever change you are seeking, living a mindful and conscious life is the key to all transformation. We will co-create this for you.

Rachael Gilligan

I help women reclaim their spark, so they live a life they love. I work with women who are a bit dissatisfied, and not sure why. Busy, overwhelmed women who want a change. When women who want to find themselves again, I can help them find their way.

Gloria Walker

All of our relationships, whether personal or professional, are shaped by the way we communicate. Helping women tap into the personal power that comes from clear communication with others and authentic communication with Self, boosted by a healthy dose of mindfulness, is my passion.

Andrea S Wenger

I work with people who want change, but aren’t sure where to start or even what they want. My work is informed by trauma resilience training, life experiences of recurrent pregnancy loss, raising two children while working full time in administrative leadership, and a recent “empty nest” transition.

Gianna Brasil

Leveraging my background as an attorney and corporate recruiter, I help my clients discover their path and create tangible methods for achieving their goals. Whether you’re transitioning into a whole new career or looking to grow within the current one, I offer guidance and feedback on how to get there.

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