Personal Growth

Amy Attenborough

As an ex- game ranger, now writer, yoga teacher and life coach, my dream is to help lead you back to a wild, free life. Find your voice, get clear on what you want, love your body and live a full and powerful existence. You can finally find home in you.

Erin Cutshall

I guide people to their own wisdom by offering a safe and still place for reflection. I spend time with my clients to help them understand and love who they already are which allows us to dream about and work towards who they want to be.

Theresa Trosky

Ready to experience the love, connection and belonging you yearn for? I’ll help you connect with your wisest and best self, take the power back from your inner critic, ground yourself in the confidence to open your heart, trust yourself and speak up for yourself so you can have it.

Cynthia Thompson

Supporting my clients on their healing journeys to reconnect with their physical, emotional and spiritual selves. Helping my clients release pain and suffering to find clarity. I am a TRE practitioner.

Jani Martinius

I work with women who base their self worth on their productivity and never-ending to do list. I support them in making decisions that are best for them, so they can rediscover what brings them joy and freedom.

You were made to shine, thrive and to live your best life. It’s time to rediscover your brilliant, amazing self!

Robin McAllister-Zaas

I work with women who have big goals like starting businesses or losing 50lbs but, haven’t been able to get themselves to take action. Working with me they get clarity on what they want, why they want it and I teach them how to achieve anything in my signature program-VERGE.

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