Spiritual Growth

Deirdre Markham

I specialize in Hypnotheraphy and Depth Hypnosis. I love the idea that Life Coaching is a “trainer for the mind.” Thought work is an incredible tool for shifting clients when stuck. My work as a Hypnotherapist and Depth Hypnosis practitioner adds a deeper piece to the work. A “trainer for the soul.”

Sheri Bilderback

Join me on a journey of empowerment to discover and align with your inner self on your personal, professional and spiritual path in life. In addition to life coaching tools, I also bring my tools as a shaman, intuitive and Reiki Master Teacher to help you transform your life, partner with fear and stand fully in your power.

Jessica E Reidell

Jess has been a full time Transformation Coach since 2016. She works with women who are ready to move through the fear of leaving Corporate America and start a soul aligned business of their own! She also supports women in transition (divorce, new job) with tools to navigate the uncertainty . Her Motto is “Live Agelessly!”

Dale Johnson

I work with those facing nervousness around Empty Nest and Retirement. I also work with Geeks (IT staff feeling jailed by their IT lives), and with Academics who are intrigued by the more mystical world that they feel they aren’t allowed to believe in.

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