Spiritual Growth

Erin Sharaf

My background in healthcare, education, mindfulness and shamanic healing informs my coaching to help guide you to a life of true health and clarity. We can talk about an individualized plan for food as medicine, do more traditional coaching around limiting beliefs, or help you connect to your spirit guides.

Jennifer Bauer

Wayfinder Master Coach, Equus Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Breathwork Meditation Healer, ICF PCC, Author, and Founder of the Institute for Nature Centered Coaching. Offers holistic healing utilizing and integrating a variety of modalities to release physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blocks.

Katie Ortiz

I am an Internal Family Systems, IFS, informed coach. I will help you find your own truth by asking powerful questions, listening deeply and creating a space in which you can look inward and discover your own wisdom, creativity and solutions leaving you feeling more calm, open, and connected to yourself and others.

Wendy Renee Holthaus

I’m your Women’s Resiliency Coach serving deep-thinking, hungry, successful women, shift your life from fearful to unabashed to enable you to be prepared for your one true love. No more dissatisfying, unhealthy, dead-end relationships necessary. Consider me a complex-trauma-whisperer and monkey-mind-tamer extraordinaire. My tool box and heart overfloweth to serve.

Heather Sontag

I work with overwhelmed moms to help them create positive habits and mindset shifts to move them from overwhelmed to empowered.

Rebecca Shisler Marshall

You’ve tried EVERYTHING to feel better. You’re exhausted and don’t know what to do next. I get it. I help women with health challenges, who have tried everything, to have more energy and feel better. I use the 5 Wellness Bodies framework, a fusion of ancient techniques and modern wisdom. Why wait to feel better?

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