Women's Issues

Kathy McCabe

I am a recovering lawyer, former people pleaser, work-in-progress mom & human. I have used the coaching tools to transform my life. I help high achieving women find more Real Joy in their lives which results in more time, money and freedom!

Sarah Grace Powers

I help women at midlife and older to live bolder and feel more confident in their bodies, NOW is the time to dust off those dreams and unleash your brilliance! I bring 3+ decades of experience in wellness along with coaching tools and energy healing to release unwanted extra weight and the fears and anxiety around aging.

Heather Sontag

I work with overwhelmed moms to help them create positive habits and mindset shifts to move them from overwhelmed to empowered.

Rachel J. Billingsley

Intuition is the quiet voice of truth that reveals itself in dreams and creative work, can show up as synchronicities, and ultimately connects us to a bigger knowing. As your coach I meet you where you are and help you tune into these subtleties for answers.

Rossana Carrasco

Rossana is a Filmmaker in Mexico, who discovered Yoga in her 40s and had the first glimpse of her North Star; this started her path as a Wayfinder. She became a Yoga Teacher, a Peacebuilding Facilitator, and a MB Life Coach. All her activities are related to connecting her and her clients to their inner compass and joy.

Christel Van Gelder

I’m an Intuitive Life Coach & Mentor. Wayfinder. Toxic Relationship Coach. Self-Care Advocate. I help women spot, get out, deal with the aftermath and heal from toxic relationships. I love adding some Practical Woo to my own blend of mentoring and coaching. English, Dutch and Portuguese.

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