Women's Issues

Starla Fitch, MD

Starla Fitch works with medical professionals who want to reconnect with their passion. As a practicing surgeon who underwent life-altering burnout, she feels uniquely qualified to help healers. Her #1 Amazon international bestseller, Remedy for Burnout, coupled with her “4 Steps from Burnout to Balance,” frame her work.

Monna McDiarmid

Do you have a pretty good life but suspect you could be happier? Let’s get started! I work with creative, whole-hearted women who want greater freedom and ease in their bodies, work and play. I also work with international educators seeking clarity about their current and future positions.

Andrea S Wenger

I work with people who want change, but aren’t sure where to start or even what they want. My work is informed by trauma resilience training, life experiences of recurrent pregnancy loss, raising two children while working full time in administrative leadership, and a recent “empty nest” transition.

Rachel J. Billingsley

Intuition is the quiet voice of truth that reveals itself in dreams and creative work, can show up as synchronicities, and ultimately connects us to a bigger knowing. As your coach I meet you where you are and help you tune into these subtleties for answers.

Holly McClain

Hello, I’m Holly McClain. I am a Divorce Transition Coach and Counselor.

I work with those going through divorce, from ground zero to managing emotions, navigating the divorce process and the next chapter. I support adults and specialize in work with tweens/teens/young adults navigating life transitions and divorce.

Sarah Grace Powers

I help women at midlife and older to live bolder and feel more confident in their bodies, NOW is the time to dust off those dreams and unleash your brilliance! I bring 3+ decades of experience in wellness along with coaching tools and energy healing to release unwanted extra weight and the fears and anxiety around aging.

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