Women's Issues

Stephanie Lowe

Stephanie helps women navigate their careers with grace and purpose. Stop chasing work life balance! It isn’t something outside of you – it’s a state of mind. Learn how to work with your brain to bring you into alignment with your true nature and find your balance.

Valerie Dubuc, MS

Feeling shackled? Using my intuition and experience I will help you find the key to your personal freedom. Nothing feels better than living an authentic life. I can help you tap into your soul’s true calling. Don’t live someone else’s life – Let’s Unshackle YOUR Soul!

Candice Neveu

Hi there! I’m a success coach and certified Wayfinder, specializing in helping high-achieving folks who’ve returned to post-secondary succeed in their studies, by building mindset, energy, time, and productivity growth strategies. I work one on one, and also offer workshops and group programs on related themes. 🍁

April Purcell

I am a Personal & Professional Life Coach, Equus Coach and Yoga Instructor. I want to help my clients explore their full potential and to embrace life’s limitless possibilities. My clients are eager for personal growth and ready to transform their lives, career or relationships.

Wendy Gless

I’m a degreed accountant and master certified life and money coach who believes a rich life goes beyond how much you have in your bank account. With an open-hearted approach and real-world applications, I empower and guide women to a deeper understanding of finances, freedom and fulfillment.

Jennifer Peterson

I help women who are in unhealthy relationships with themselves or others transform their mindset and shift their energy, so they can create the relationship they desire now! I do this with a horse or without a horse. But it’s way more fun with the horse!

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