What Can You Do When Things Fall Apart


We live in a time of death and rebirth.

Over a hundred years ago, William Butler Yeats wrote in his poem “The Second Coming” that things were falling apart and that “the best lack all conviction, while the worst/ are full of passionate intensity.”

He was writing about a world ravaged by the effects of World War I and the Great Influenza Epidemic of 1918, which had managed to reach just about every corner of the globe.

A century later, things are falling apart at a level Yeats couldn’t have imagined:

The “passionate intensity” of hate builds paranoid communities on the internet.
Political efforts to roll back rights for marginalized […]

How to Turn Away from Fear

“Inspiration” has several meanings. One is simply “drawing breath.” Or it can mean having a new idea. Or it can mean being “in-spirited,” filled with peace and grace from the mystery. All these meanings are related. In fact, the word “inspiration” is a three-step recipe for ending anxiety and living joyfully in a difficult world.

How to Get Unstuck

Don’t you just hate feeling stuck? I do. I used to hate immobility so much that I ran everywhere and barely slept at night. It worked! 
Until I was about 18. Then my body broke. I developed chronic pain that left me pretty much immobile for the next decade or so.

Medicine for Your Happiness

A few months ago I began microdosing to lower my anxiety. It worked—my anxiety dropped and my enjoyment of life improved sharply. I must confess, though, that I didn’t stop with microdoses. I increased my intake. A lot. These days, I think most folks would say I’m megadosing.


Looking for an at-a-glance list of resources to support you on your Wayfinder’s journey? You’ve come to the right place!

Here is a list of interviews, books, and blog posts I’ve compiled to help you stay on track as you seek your life’s true purpose:

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Books and Writing

Finding Your Own North Star: Claiming the Life You Were Meant to Live The Way of Integrity: Finding [...]

All of Creation

All of us anxious people have our own special, horrible “flavor” of anxiety, like the worst wine in the world. 
My usual anxiety has a primary flavor of overwhelm, with strong notes of powerlessness and an underlying base note of terror and despair.

The Connection Solution

You’ve seen it on TV a hundred times. 
The great detective (or doctor or scientist or whatever) has been working the case night and day, with no success. 
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