Personal Growth

Margo Fosbery

All parts of you are welcome. That’s what we do together, by discovering and befriending all of your parts that make up you. Even the ones you don’t like, especially those ones. :-) I help you learn to love ALL OF YOU so you can have the life your true SELF knows is possible.

Cindy Goshert

Gentle coach committed to non-shaming, inclusive practices to help you find your way toward your optimal goals that feel like you.

“Cindy is a warm, caring coach. She provides good insights and guidance, and uses the skills she has learned to help me reach conclusions that make my life better.”-Celia K.


Jennifer Dove-Robinson

I can help you untangle habitual thought patterns and teach you how to follow your own inner guidance system. Work with me to learn how to experience the more of who you are, to align with your unique purpose, and to bring a renewed commitment to your soul growth.

Diana Klein

As a coach and mindfulness meditation teacher, I help people develop awareness and understanding of their current situation, gain perspective on how to make positive change, and deepen connection with their true, beautiful nature.

Tiffany Cellura

Hi, I’m Tiffany! I work with organizations as well as individuals using the Enneagram to increase self-awareness, growth and communication skills. As someone who was in corporate architecture for 15+ years, I believe in the importance of healthy workplace culture, starting with us as unique and empowered individuals.

Cindy Olney

I support people through the deep experience of grief. They work with me whenever grief emerges, whether it’s days, months, or even years after their loss, OR when they’re struggling with anticipatory grief over a loved one’s approaching end of life. My clients find peace and feel hopeful about their new chapter of life.

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