Personal Growth

Britta Kimpel

Are you looking for more meaning and purpose? Do you want to slow down and feel more connected? In my work, I combine spirituality with my background in psychology, yoga & embodiment as well as meditation to help you to find your way back to your Authentic Self.

Celeste Chia

I help curious people (from all over the world) find comfort, opportunities, new perspectives, hope, and specks of stardust in times of change and uncertainty, so they can move forward (courageously) one small step at a time.

Kathy McCabe

I am a recovering lawyer, former people pleaser, work-in-progress mom & human. I have used the coaching tools to transform my life. I help high achieving women find more Real Joy in their lives which results in more time, money and freedom!

MJ Morse

A well-lived life is one in which there is a preponderance of love, laughter, wonder and gratitude. MJ holds a PhD in Biology from Cornell University, worked academia, museums and as a free-lance artist. Now, as a Life Coach she combines the best of all of these adventures to offer a helping hand to others!

Paulina Rouanet

Propósito, Liderazgo Consciente, Cruce entre el mundo interior y el mundo organizacional para generar equipos excepcionales y cultura organizacional comunitaria. Purpose / Conscious Leadership / Intersect our inner world and the business world to create exceptional teams and community within the organizational culture.

Mary Jermann

As a life coach, business and nonprofit consultant, I help individuals overcome personal and professional hurdles to arrive at their best “selves.” I have a special passion for caregivers. Our world is in great need of you, our healers, to bring peace and harmony to yourselves, and those you love.

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