Personal Growth

Angela Jackson

Angela Jackson has been helping and motivating people move forward after adversity since 2015. She is a Certified Life and Equus Coach who helps people tap into their deeper wisdom. She teaches people how to move past limiting beliefs so they can live the life they desire. Specializing in grief and loss.

Jenna Watson

Life coaching to help you move from just WISHING to DOING. I am a perpetual seeker of awesomeness in my own life, and I want everyone — I mean everyone! — to have the most awesome lives they can fathom. I specialize in helping people uncover what it is they really, truly, want and making the plan to go out and get it.

Trish Lemke

I’m an equine-based coach working with people who are unhappy with the amount of anxiety, stress and discontent in their lives and relationships. I help you unbridle your passions, get excited about your life, learn how to slow down, unplug and connect more deeply with yourself, nature and one another

Kathy McCabe

I am a recovering lawyer, former people pleaser, work-in-progress mom & human. I have used the coaching tools to transform my life. I help high achieving women find more Real Joy in their lives which results in more time, money and freedom!

Jo Robertson

Jo is devoted to empowering women and helping them to transform their lives. An optimist, change catalyst, creator of Elevate and Thrive Coaching Programmes, and Meet Up Workshops, Jo helps smart motivated, women ready to make change in their life, to progress forward and create the lifestyle they really desire.

Adrienne Edgar

My clients live ‘the full catastrophe’ as Jon Kabat Zin aptly put it – a demanding life with lots of stressors – kids, career, relationships, financial stresses, “shoulds”, “never enoughs”, a loss of identity… Through one-on-one coaching and workshops, we clear the path towards an inspired, joyful and empowered life.

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