May 30 – June 3, 2023 | June 6 – June 10, 2023 


African STAR FAQ

How will your STAR experience change the world?

Your experience at Londolozi will change lives in the most direct way. Martha does not make any money from the STARs; instead she leaves the money in South Africa, where it can do the most good. All STAR profits go to the Good Work Foundation, [...]

a world-changing nonprofit bringing digital education to rural communities, which of course means bringing genuine opportunities to thousands of people who otherwise would not have them.

How is STAR different from other African safaris?

It’s always wonderful to experience the African wilderness. However, the STAR takes that experience and turns it into an all-out embrace of your own inner nature. Every waking moment of the STAR has [...]

been carefully designed to help you connect with your essential self and rediscover the joy you were born to experience. This is much, much more than a safari. Some of the most highly trained experts in the world will be focusing intense attention on you, helping make the experience luxurious, exciting, deeply rewarding, and intensely life-transforming.

What makes this trip extraordinary?

Aside from a coaching intensive like no other, the centerpiece of the STAR experience is Londolozi itself. The managers of Londolozi set out to “restore Eden” (the very word Londolozi means “protector [...]

of all living things”). The spirit and feeling of this location are completely indescribable – that’s why we’re inviting you half way around the world to experience it for yourself. The animals seem to be affected by this ambience; they respond to humans in ways that are almost nurturing, always enlightening, and different from similar encounters even in other African locations. This is simply like no other place on earth.

Will I receive coaching from Martha?

You will not only receive personal attention from me during the coaching sessions, we will also share many adventures, meals and general festivities that are included on the itinerary. I see this as [...]

my chance to do the kind of deep, client-focused coaching I most enjoy.

What type of physical shape do I need to be in?

We can accommodate any level of physical fitness. You’ll have an opportunity to do activities (such as yoga) at whatever level of intensity feels comfortable to you. You may choose to do some [...]

light walking but no more than an hour a day, at the most. If you love exercise, you can enjoy Londolozi’s workout facilities and world-class instructors.

How will I sustain and implement what I learned about myself from STAR?

A practice will be custom-designed specifically for you during the coaching sessions. This will help you sustain the positive experience of the STAR through a simple, pleasurable sustained activity. [...]

Participants often form lasting friendships that continue to benefit them after the STAR.

Is it safe to walk around the reserve?

You’ll be asked to have a staff member accompany you if you want to leave the camp (for example, to jog) or walk around when it is dark. Though animals regularly pass through the camp, no one has ever [...]

been seriously harmed at Londolozi because every precaution is taken to maintain your safety.

When should I arrive in South Africa? How do I get to Londolozi?

We recommend that you arrive in Johannesburg one to two days ahead of time to recuperate from jet lag. Your flight from Johannesburg to Londolozi and back will be booked by the Londolozi staff and is covered as part of your cost for the STAR. You’ll arrive [...]

at Londolozi the first day of your STAR and depart mid-day at the conclusion of the program. If you wish to extend your stay at Londolozi beyond the end of the STAR, you may contact Emma Goodman at

Can I arrive early or stay longer at Londolozi?

Yes, if space is available. You will be responsible for any charges outside of the STAR dates. If you wish to extend your stay at Londolozi beyond the end of the STAR, you may contact Emma Goodman at to check availability and rates.

If I am coming alone, who will I room with?

If you registered for double occupancy, you will be assigned a roommate. The suites you’ll occupy are very spacious, and many people come on their own.

What expenses are included?

With the exception of airfare from your hometown, hotel in Johannesburg, gratuities for the staff at Londolozi, and any incidental purchases, all expenses (including accommodations, flight to and [...]

from Johannesburg to Londolozi, meals, activities, and game drives) are included.

Can someone who's not on STAR room with me?

Please note that only STAR participants are allowed on the African STAR, and to stay in the rooms, even in the single rooms. This is because all of the game drives, meals and resources of Tree [...]

Camp are part of the STAR while it’s in session, so it’s not possible to offer your non-participating companion the services they require. You’re welcome to arrange to come early or stay on at Londolozi before or after the STAR. You can make those arrangements separately on a space-available basis. We give you the information on how to do that once your application is accepted and you’ve registered.

What kind of clothes and shoes should I pack?

Since June is late autumn/early winter in South Africa, it will be warm when the sun is out and may be quite cold (and we aren’t kidding!) when the sun sets. The atmosphere at Londolozi is very casual [...]

and dinner is outside so dressing for dinner means layering up. Here are some things to include when you pack: long and short sleeve tees, sweaters or sweatshirts, comfortable pants and shorts/skirts, walking shoes and/or hiking boots or suitable trainers, sun hat and sun glasses, sunscreen, wind breaker, warm fleece, down or bush jacket, gloves and hat. Please note that Federal Air has a luggage limit of one bag weighing 20kgs (44 lbs) per person, in a soft sided bag if possible. You may store additional bags securely and at no charge at the Federal Air terminal and pick them up after the STAR.

Do I need to get any shots or immunizations?

Londolozi is technically located in a malaria area, though the disease is not at all common there. You should talk to your doctor or travel health clinic about ways to prevent malaria (e.g. taking anti-malaria pills). [...]

For more information, go to the Centers for Disease Control website.

What are the COVID-19 protocols for this trip?
Securing your place in the STAR indicates that you agree to:

Show proof of having been fully vaccinated for Covid-19 two weeks or more prior to arrival. Follow all protocols outlined on Londolozi’s website at the time of our trip. [...]

Londolozi’s guidelines are updated on an ongoing basis. Follow other Covid-19 guidelines as published by the CDC at the time of our trip. With the ever-changing nature of the virus, we will remain in communication with the group around the CDC and Londolozi guidelines prior to travel.

I really want to go, but what about Ebola?

There have been no cases of Ebola in South Africa.

Are there any scholarships or discounts available for the STAR?

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer scholarships or discounts for the STAR. All costs related to the STAR are fixed, and of course,[...]

all profits go to the Good Work Foundation which is helping to bring digital literacy to rural Africa.

Join Martha in building a village like no other.

May 30 – June 3, 2023 | June 6 – June 10, 2023
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