A Self-Transformation Adventure Retreat

May 26 – May 30, 2025 | June 2 – June 6, 2025



Day 1Welcome

Midday: Arrive at Londolozi, Check in [Actual arrival time TBA.]

3:00 PM: Tea and Introductions 
“Tea” does not accurately describe the afternoon meals at Londolozi. You’ll be treated to a delicious and filling meal of a blend of traditional teatime treats, South African dishes and light noshes. The iced coffee is not to be missed!

3:30 PM: Silent Game Drive
We’ll waste no time getting you out into the bush. You’ll observe the gorgeous landscape and enchanting animals from an open Land Rover, accompanied by Martha, her backup team, guides, and trackers. Assisted by the coaching process, you’ll find that the close encounters with nature at its wildest draw you further away from life stress and deeper into peace.

7:00 PM: Dinner/Fire Circle
We’ll return from the game drive and go directly to dinner and the evening coaching session. You’ll be served a gourmet meal in the cozy outdoor setting of the “boma.” We’ll process what you saw and experienced during the silent game drive and begin diving into tracking your purpose. Be forewarned: one local hyena, affectionately nicknamed “Gorgy,” has developed a habit of dashing through the boma and stealing from the cheese platter.


Day 2entering inner peace

6:00 AM: Game Drive
On the game drive that begins this day, you’ll implement strategies for quieting your thoughts and enhancing your sense perceptions. In the past, we’ve found that animals respond to us very differently — with no fear or tension — as the group becomes more deeply calm. This experience will help you “hold” the energy of peace back in your ordinary life.

10:00 AM: Breakfast and Morning Coaching Session
Martha will join the group and coach each person to release specific anxiety-producing patterns, habits, and thoughts. As these dissolve, you’ll sense the core of peace that can continue to direct your life long after your STAR experience is complete.

12-3 PM: Midday Integration/Rest Break
We’ve found that between jet lag, early mornings, and profound insights, time for rest, reflection, and integration is an essential part of the STAR experience. You can nap, journal, take a yoga class, get a massage, or relax on your private deck and take in the view.

3:00 PM: Afternoon Tea/Game Drive
On this game drive, you will enter into an active “conversation” with the wilderness, realizing that you are not separate from nature but part of it — and as such, you are part of its communication system. We have found that our STAR participants often receive dramatic guidance from the land and animals at this stage in the coaching process.

6:00 PM: Dinner/Fire Circle 
We’ll continue the coaching process and debrief the game drive over dinner.

Day 3Tracking Your Purpose

6:00 AM: On Foot Tracking Exercise/Game Drive
“How did I lose track of my right life?” Almost everyone in civilized society asks this question at some point. When you experience this tracking exercise — learning ancient methods of tracking large animals such as rhinos or elephants — you’ll realize that the very skills you need to live your right life are being awakened within you. Half of the group will track during the morning game drive, and the other half in the afternoon. The non-tracking group will go on a game drive as usual.

10:00 AM: Breakfast and Morning Coaching Session
Martha will join the group and debrief with the morning’s trackers. You will begin to understand viscerally how tracking is the ideal metaphor for finding your right life.

12-3 PM: Midday Integration/Rest Break

3:00 PM: Afternoon Tea/Game Drive/Tracking
Continuation of morning Tracking Exercise.

6:00 PM: Dinner/Evening Coaching Session
Continuation of the tracking exercise debrief.

Day 4Embracing Your Power

6:00 AM: Game Drive
This morning begins with a very simple experience: watching nature wake up. From an unusual perspective, you will see the savannah’s “night shift” end and the “day shift” begin. This truly is the greatest show on Earth — and you are an integral part of it.

10:00 AM: Breakfast and Morning Coaching Session
Martha will help you shape the ideas and inspiration that are rising to the surface of your consciousness into form. With this guidance, you will learn the skills necessary to connect into your deeper wisdom so that you may guide your life more confidently and joyfully beyond the bushveld.

12-3 PM: Midday Integration/Rest Break

3:00 PM: Afternoon Tea/Game Drive
This game drive is about empowering you to follow through on the plans you’ve created during coaching sessions. You’ll find information in nature — sometimes from the most unexpected sources — that you can help solve the problems of your everyday life and embrace a more powerful version of yourself.

6:00 PM: Dinner/Fire Circle
A celebratory dinner! Expect the unexpected!

Day 5Receiving Your Practice

6:00 AM: Final Game Drive, Breakfast and Closing Session
Whatever your personal insights from the STAR experience, Martha and the group will help you design a continuing practice to sustain your connection to your true nature. This practice will be both intrinsically rewarding and profoundly life- enhancing. We’ll send you off with hugs, group photos, and a lifetime of memories.

11:00 AM: Plane departs Londolozi

Here’s the thing about the STAR—you will be in Africa with an entire team at Londolozi completely dedicated to creating a magical, mystical experience for you. So while we publish this schedule to give you a sense of how the days flow, please know my team and I will be changing things up along the way—all of it geared toward giving you the best experience ever.


Join Martha in building a village like no other.

May 26 – May 30, 2025 | June 2 – June 6, 2025